Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow -Not So Much....

OK Pyrenees are supposed to love the snow but to me it's very confusing. It wipes out my familiar smells and I end up bumping into things that I usually don't. I also don't like it when it comes down really fast or in big flakes because then it's like rain and it bothers my eyes. AP and I walked to Nala's and we played for awhile and tonight she made walkways for me in the backyard but I will be glad when it is gone.

I do like to eat it though..........

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Middleburg Parade

Everyone knows I love a parade! We had to get up really early this morning and drive in the rain to a little town called Middleburg. They have a Christmas parade every year and my rescue group gets to be part of the parade and this year we are expecting 50 pyrs to turn out. They have horses and hounds and Santa in his sleigh.
When we got there it was really start to snow. We walked down to the Wylie Wagg store and bought some goodies and a red jingle bell collar for me to wear in the parade.We had to wait for while for the start of the parade and I got to hang out with all my friends.

We had a great day even though it was really cold and snowy and we had 40 pyrs walking in the parade.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Coffee in the morning

Nothing like a good cup of Joe first thing in the morning. Silly humans don't realize how awesome the "cup" really is..... 

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Glow in the Dark

Apparently I can glow in the dark - its always dark to me so I don't understand the fuss. When it is real dark and foggy AP makes me wear my Ruffwear Track Jacket and Beacon light so people and cars can see us when we walk. I'm sure I look pretty cool in it.....

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Where is my new buddy?

I got to the pool/park this morning and after finding a great stick for the day I headed up the hill to find my new friend Rich with the furry face.

I ran up the hill but he wasn't there - we were too early today. I found some little flags that he had stuck in the ground where he was working and I could smell where he had been on the truck so I tried to climb up but AP wouldn't let me. I hope he is there tomorrow.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Things that don't go bump in the night

AP here-
It is a dark and rainy night and Tonka and I have been walking for an hour and we are almost home....
All of sudden Tonka takes off at warp speed with his tail between his legs and runs all the way to the end of the bungie leash. He stops and stands obviously scared with his head moving back and forth.
Now Tonka has a habit of running forward when people walk past us, which is silly since they pass us and he is now running the wrong way - not sure what he is thinking with that. This is the same type of rush forward but it has ended in fear not joy. We are 20 yards from the house and there are houses on every side and it is about 8:30pm and rainy. There is no traffic, no other dogs out, nothing that I can see or hear but Tonka is acting like something creepy or dangerous is around. In the past 2 years with the blind boy I have learned that if Tonka thinks something or someone is there - it is. We hurried the last 20 yards to the house.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sleeping in the Foyer

Sleeping is such a great thing and the foyer is my favorite spot but I have grown a little over the past 2 years

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Someone and something new

I was out walking this morning and I met a new friend. This really great guy Rich 'was working in the neighborhood and he stopped working to pet me. He got down really low to talk to me and I was sniffing his ear - cause I was going to lick it, (everyone knows I have a thing for ears) and I realized he had something different than the other humans I know. He had hair on his chin and above his lip. I stuck my nose almost all the way up his nose checking it out and my tail was wagging a mile a minute. AP and CM were cracking up cause I was so interested in a beard and mustache. He called me a funny boy and was laughing as we walked away. I didn't know humans had hairy faces, I guess you really do learn something new everyday.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

First Responder

Tonight we were walking home from visiting AP's Mom and Dad and 2 motorcycles went flying up the street past us. CM said "they are going way to fast, thats an accident waiting to happen" and BAM one of them hit a car that had pulled out from a side street. AP gave me to CM and went running towards the wreck dialing 911. One of the motorcycles had T-boned the rear quater panel of the car and the rider was laying in the street. Next thing was a bunch of sirens and people everywhere - the sirens were LOUD! There was a firetruck and an ambulance and a State Trooper that likes big dogs - she has a Mastiff. The paramedics took the rider to the hospital - I hope she is OK....

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Must Eat Brains..

OMG - I just realized Tonka is a zombie dog. He has eaten all the brains from his toys!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Delaware Sea Witch Festival

This weekend was the Sea Witch Festival at the beach and AP, CM and I entered the pet parade as lfeguards and we were winners! OK so there were lots of winners but we got to be in a parade and go up on the bandstand and I'm going to be in the Cape Gazette newspaper. AP got to tell everyone I was a rescue and we met so many people and told them about AGPR and how there are lots of Pyrs that need homes. She also told anyone that lives in Virginia about the Middleburg Parade on December 5th that is going to have 35+ Pyrs in it. It was a long day and I fell alseep on the sidewalk.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Walking is good

AP here - Tonka has now been here for 18 months. When he was little he was a little ball of energy and now he is a 100+ lb ball of energy. I started walking Tonka twice a day from the day I got him and from about 10 months on we have consistatnly walked 4-5 miles a day. There was one day where we could only go a 1/2 a mile and that was due to icy condiditons and 2 weeks when he was having shoulder problems that we could not walk at all. I figure if we average it out to 3 miles a day for the past 18 months we have covered 1,620 miles. We are like the post office - neither rain, nor sleet blah, blah, blah.... I have an awesome pair of waterproof  shoes and a great pair of wind/rain pants and both long and short raincoats so we go out no matter what the weather. I am sure the neighbors think I am a bit crazy but if you own a dog you know that exercise is a key component of good behavior. When he was really little he would not go out in the rain so I would have to take a golf umbrella and hold it over him when we walked or when he went out in the yard to go potty. So maybe the neighbors are right to think I am nuts, but Tonka hates water and rain is water (I think he also doesnt understand something hitting him all over). As he has gotten older he is OK with just regular rain but if we get caught in a downpour he freaks out. So we walk no matter what and it's not just to wear him out but to get him out into different smells and sounds. I figure it must get boring at the house for the blind boy since it is the same old thing every day. So we walk- and over the past 18 months he has met so many people and other dogs and been in different situations and I think that has helped him stay a confident and happy boy. Most people dont know he is blind unless I tell them - or they watch him walk into something.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Agility is Hard

All my friends are into the "agility" craze. AP and I have done the weave poles since I was a little guy, so I can do those - just not very fast. Now Nala's mom has made some jumps with PVC pipe and traffic cones and Henry and Nala are all jumpy and leap-y. I try really hard - and I can climb over but jumping is really not my thing. I'm really good at knocking everything down and even better at chewing the tops of the cones, but thats not considered "agility". Hey, I'm agile - for 111 lbs of fluffy, big dog I am plenty agile - I can wrestle with the best of them. climb into small places to dig where I am not supposed to, destroy anything in less than 10 minutes and can soldier crawl under tables.... someone should make those a doggy sport.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

DogFest 2009

I had to get up super early Saturday morning and help pack up the truck for DogFest I worked the AGPR booth with my friend Shepper who is looking for a forever home. There were lots of people that stopped by to ask about us and hopefully Shepper will be adopted soon. DogFest was so much fun my friend Nala came by and we played all kinds of games like find the human, doggie bowling, doggie painting and we even went on the agility course. They even had a sandbox bigger than mine at home and swimming pools (if you like that sort of thing) there were so many people and dogs to meet and smell.

I was a little tired after such a busy morning that I took a little power nap to get ready for the afternoon. A few people came by while I was sleeping and were petting me and a little girl was hugging on me and I never woke up. Its hard work educating people about my breed.

Some of my other Pyr buddies came to help raise money for the rescue and when you get four or five Pyrs in a group people start to really take notice. Since we were walking around in a crowded event AP made me wear my sunglasses and we got to teach people about dogs with special needs. Kosmo Krys at the thought I was cute in my shades and took my picture to put on her website.

My Golden Retriever friends Montana and Tuckett also stopped by and hung out with us and Tuckett and I went doggie bowling again since I really had fun with that game. AP is going to add that to my backyard playground.

I hope we get to go again next year.

Nala doing the weave poles!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Waiting for DogFest

I'm so excited, only 2 days to Dogfest 2009. I am going to be at the AGPR booth with my friends and AP says we are going to do some painting. I have never painted before but I am going to make a special painting for my friend Vickie. Nala is going to come by with some of my human friends and we are going to try to raise some money for the rescue.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

September 25th 2009

This morning AP took Tonka for his normal EARLY morning walk. He got the chance to run into his "buddy" Henry and get a chance to play. It was a rainy morning but he didn't care because he is a "wash and walk" kind of guy. I was getting ready for work when in Tonka came!
For a dog who does not like water; he is funny when he comes in from the rain.

Tonka heard my voice so he came "looking" for me; but I didn't want a BIG WET dog on me! Mean while AP had gone to get the famous "dog towels" to "mop" Tonka up. I took the towels and before I could begin to dry him off as if he knew; Tonka sat down. Told him to get up which in turn translated to him LAY DOWN and QUICKLY roll over on my side!

So as I was trying to dry him off when Tonka thought it was game. He began to "swim" and pull the towel with his mouth. He kept trying to take the towel away from me and I could ONLY get one side of him because he was still lying on his side. Fighting me and trying to play with the towel; I realized I was out matched! So I cried for help......AP!! She came upstairs to see me wrestling the BEAR and laughed.
I told AP I need you to help me flip the bear to the other side. So of course this ONLY reinforced Tonka thinking it was a "game". So I dried off the other side as I wrestled! When I was getting up to leave that is when Tonka decided to grab for the towel again and PULL!
As the towel ripped he took off with it and shredded it into pieces.
Now ripping old towels isn't that bad, it's the fact that he doesn't listen; at least not to me. Ripping the towel wasn't enough for Tonka and since he still had a lot of "play" left in him; he came looking for me.
He "attacked" my feet, pulled at my pj's and keep bouncing and prancing at me as to say “let’s get it on". At one point as I walked away and ignored him; he caught my PJ bottoms just right! He pulled and as I walked they came down just enough for me to lose my balance and FALL! The next thing I knew I had a BIG WHITE DOG trying to stand over me and play.
Then I hear AP'S voice asking what I was doing as she was coming upstairs! To which at that point Tonka moves and goes lay down! Again, as I try to explain what HE did I was being asked what I did to get HIM all jacked up!
I really don't believe he is blind or even a dog anymore. I've decided that he must be a reincarnation of my sister (who is alive) from the times I picked on her or let her get blamed for something I did. So when I come back I will be reincarnated into a BIG WHITE DOG and sit my butt on AP'S door step so I can get by with so much!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tonka is NOT the older Sibling

This is CM, Tonka's other human. Most of the blogs I have let AP tell the saga of Tonka but I have MANY a story to tell of his "adventures"! AP says that the reason that Tonka destroys MY things or "attacks" me is because he thinks I'm his sibling. That I need to be more the Alpha...blah, blah,blah :):) I've tried but the blind one STILL thinks WE are siblings and some how HE is the oldest!

Today on a weekend AP had to go into work early; not something that she normally has to do. I had plans of doing that exciting task of "house cleaning & laundry". No problem,right? What could go wrong?

Our morning started at 7:30, Tonka was laying on the foyer being the "angel" he is. Then AP walked out the door and the "adventures" began.

I was stripping the beds when I heard this RIPPING sound loud and close by. Now Tonka loves to take the dish towels and plant both front paws on them and pull up with all his might and RIP! There is something about that sound he just loves; but it is only certain towels. So at first I thought he had a towel, but then I realized the sound was quite close. When I found my "younger brother" he had taken AP's blue NIKE fleece pull-over! When he heard me asking "what are you doing"; he froze in position! Tonka must think that since he couldn't "see" me I couldn't see him! But there he stood with both paws and the fleece in his mouth; not moving! "I won't move and CM won't see me and I can continue."

When I asked what he thought he was doing...he dropped it from his mouth as if to say "nothing, just standing here". I ordered him out of the room to realize he had tore a big hole in the armpit and had already been pulling AP's things off the dresser and had them around the room.

I scolded him and reminded him that those were NOT his things; yet there was something inside that was like "YES, score this time it was AP's and NOT my stuff!" :):) I thought would have been the end of it...I was wrong.

A short time later I hear him "digging" out the kitchen vent from the floor! Why he has decided lately to kill the vent is beyond me. Again, I had to stop to deal with my"brother"! Now you would think after getting in trouble twice now in a short amount of time Tonka would have given up...nope.

Tonka proceeded to go from one thing to another. From taking the picture albums of the end tables, to taking off with MY dress shoes (remember I was cleaning). But the icing on the dog biscuit was the lamp and MY curio cabinet! I had just got back to cleaning when I hear ANOTHER crash; this time it was the lamp and coasters that he pushed backwards into my curio cabinet! One LUCKY DOG that it did not break!

When I had yelled at him for the LAST time and told him he was going to put into his house if he didn't behave...yes, he understood me! He kept patting at me with his big paws like to say "come on let's PLAY, you know you want to". Come on CM you know you love me, then laid down and showed his belly and wanted me to rub it! What part of YOU ARE IN TROUBLE did he not get? YES, I rubbed his belly gave him kisses and BEGGED him to be good! Then I thought I'm driving myself crazy "YOU are the ALPHA, BE the ALPHA" I just need to put him in his house; when he got up and went a laid down. Three hours had gone by and the only things I accomplished were, stripping the beds, dusting the 3 bedrooms and breakfast dishes! Then AP was walking in the door and wanted to know how my morning had been and if I was DONE cleaning so we could enjoy the rest of the day! Then Tonka comes running up to meet AP for LOVE!! Which he got; so WHO is the ALPHA?

I'm coming back as a big blind dog and parking myself on AP's doorstop!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dogs and Children

We went out for our walk really late tonight and the football kids were just leaving the field. A little girl came up and asked AP if she could pet me. She also wanted to know if I would bite. AP explained that I wouldn't bite but I might move my head around to sniff her since I can't see. She asked my name and wanted to know why I couldn't see. She had a hard time with Tonka so it came out Conka. AP told her my eyes were broken inside when I was born and she waved her hand in front of my face and said "I'm right here Conka". She was petting me and talking to me and then asked me to sit so I sat down. Even sitting I was taller than her. I decided to flop down and she got down next to me and kept petting me and when it was time to go she took my head in both hands and said very softly "bye Conka" and gave AP a big hug. I like kids.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mud is good

I love a good mud facial
and its good for your feet as well

Monday, August 24, 2009


nothing like a good box of tissues first thing in the morning..

Friday, August 21, 2009

Butterflies and Cicadas

I was at the field today and AP was telling me about a pretty butterfly and how it's sad that there life is so short. I was listening but wandering off and sniffing the ground when all of a sudden something buzzed my nose. I leaped up and took off running away while AP started laughing. She said I had sniffed a Cicada and it had started trying to fly away and it's wings got my nose. I did not find it too funny and was a little spooked at noises for the rest of the walk.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Soothsoft Rocks

AP heard back from the Soothsoft people today and my replacement water bed (canine cooler) is on it's way. Soothsoft Rocks
Donnelle is my new BFF at Soothsoft and has my vote for employee of the year! I can't wait till it gets here and my room is back in order. See my post in July "My Bed is Leaking".

I loved sleeping on my waterbed.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tonka meets a PUPPY

I went to the park this morning and was waiting for Nala when PUPPY arrived. This 15 month old St. Bernard named Puppy and his human accidently found our park and we played and played and played. He was 140lbs and so slobbery but so much fun. I was not the biggest dog for a change. Nala showed up and was a little confused till she got closer. I think she thought it was Henry for a minute. Puppy's human thought Nala was great since she kept herding puppy and I away from the fence.

Friday, August 14, 2009

A good eyeball day

Today is the first day that AP did not have to be gone from 6am to 7:30pm in weeks and we went to see Dr. Weigt. The pressure in my left eye is down from 18 to 14 and the Dr. could actually see my iris and the blood is clearing out. Then we went to the Greenbelt office where she works and everyone fussed over me and told the students they were giving free pony rides - seriously I am not a pony! I have been on these steroid drops for my eye and I have been back to my old self, digging holes, shredding everything and running with my friends. I can't wait for the weekend.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

International Customer Service

So the other day I got caught in the rain and AP put my Optivizor on me to keep the rain from hitting me in the eyes. A day or two later she realized that one of the metal buckles was a little rusty. She sent an email to the company with just a suggestion about the buckle and tonight the inventor called her on the phone personally. He called from Austrailia - now that is customer service. They had a nice chat and he told her he invented the Optivizor for his dog. What a great guy!

Monday, August 3, 2009


My friend Buttercup gets very nervous when there is a thunderstorm so her mom has a special cape for her to put on and she becomes ----BUTTERDOG-----

Isn't it awesome?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Optivizor

The blood in my left eye has not gotten any better its actually gotten worse and so now everyone is calling me bloody eye the pirate.
AP took me to see the eye Doctor yesterday and this time I saw Dr. Weigt since Dr. Gift was not there.
We had a 9:45 appointment but since they were really busy I had to wait and I got really bored. To pass the time I laid on my side and swam for awhile then I tried to tell everyone that I was bored by grumbling. When that didn't work I barked a few times and started searching around the room for things to amuse myself with. The technician came in and put drops in my eyes and then stuck the pressure pen thing on my eyes. My pressure in my bloody eye was at 18 and it should not go above 20 my other eye was at 16. The Dr. came in and fussed over me (no-one can resist the Tonka) and then looked in my eyes with a bright light which I can see in the right eye so it's uncomfortable. Everyone is always concerned that I might have to have my eye removed because of the pressure but Dr. Weigt gave me some drops to help reduce the inflammation. She talked to AP about blood pressure medication but we don't want to turn me into a furry lethargic lump like last time I took that stuff. AP was trying to explain that I am not very graceful and I play really hard with my friends and she has been trying to make some kind of helmet to protect me. Dr. Weigt had just the thing, it's called the Optivizor and it goes on your head and down your muzzle and makes a shield for your eyes. - it was invented to protect eyes after surgeries.


I'm not sure if I like it or not but AP is making me wear it when I play with my friends. I had it on this morning and Nala didn't make fun of me so I guess its cool. I tried to get it off but it is not easy to remove like my glasses.

P.S. We were walking tonight and got caught in a storm and the water was hitting me hard in my eyes so AP put on my optivizor to protect me. Maybe it's not such a bad thing!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July 29, 2009


My favorite bed has sprunk a leak. I have a Canine Cooler waterbed by SoothSoft that keeps my belly nice and cool and it has a split seam.
Lucky AP caught it really quickly or we would have a had a big mess. She had to take it outside and let all the water out. Now I get confused when I go to find my spot to lay down and its not there. I really love that bed. I don't fit on all of it anymore unless I curl up but I still love it. AP sent the SoothSoft people an email and maybe they can help her fix it.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

July 26, 2009

This morning I got to play with Nala. She had been gone for a few days visiting relatives while her human Carol went to Disney. It was great to wrestle with her and Carol got me some Disney Doggie Treats shaped like little bones and a sticker for the Yellow Tonka Truck and AP got a T-shirt. She is very nice for a human and she always has good treats for our playdates. When we got home I was laying at the landing and there was a big crash outside. Some big branches from a tree next door had come down and fell onto the fence and blocked my ramp. There was a storm last night so it must have made them loose and today they gave way. AP went to the shed to get the limb lopper things and I waded right into the middle of things to help.

The tree demolition expert.
I am very experienced with tree limbs - its how I make sticks...
AP has to keep all the lower limbs on all the trees in the back yard cut off or I will reach up and tear them down and claim them as my sticks. I have quite a pile and am also pretty handy at bringing firewood to the porch from the stacks behind the shed.

AP's dad came up with a chain saw and helped her cut everything up into pieces and put it out for the tree recycle guys to take away. At least I got to keep one......
See -now this one is mine and I will add it to my pile.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

July 25, 2009

AP has been working far away so its late when we go out to walk and all my friends are already asleep for the night. Sunday we are going to hang out all day and AP has promised to make a playdate with Henry. Nala has been away visiting relatives but she should be back Sunday as well. I just hope its not a rainy day, we will all still play but I don't like the rain.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bad start to the day

AP woke up with a bad headache and had to go to work far away today so we got up and started walking really early. I was sitting and waiting for another dog to walk by and I got impatient and lunged forward. AP was startled and pulled the leash back really hard and I ended up smacking my head into a mailbox. Now I have a chunk of fur and skin missing over my eyebrow. AP was really upset because she said it could have been my eye. She said I should be wrapped in bubble wrap or wear headgear like boxers do. It's bad enough she makes me wear those stupid googles and sunglasses. A little further up the road I got off the leash and was running around the field when those water drops started pelting me from the sky. I really freak out at those and was going left and right trying to find AP. She caught me and put me back on the leash and we went under the trees for a little while. The water stopped falling so hard and we started walking home. Ryan's dad was out and was concerned over my eyebrow gash so I bet when we walk tonight all the people will be fussing over me. AP emailed Mommy Victoria and she said it was a good thing my name was not grace and told AP I needed lots of hugs and kisses for my boo boo. Even long distance I get fussed over. Spoiled dog aren't I? My name is Tonka cuz I am just like the indestructible Toy Truck.......

Saturday, July 18, 2009

July 18. 2009

It's Saturday! I had my 8:00am playdate with Nala and we ran around and wrestled till it got too hot. When I got home I took a little nap and then got to lay in the front door and smell the breezes and listen to the neighborhood. I was given this really big shin bone to chew on so of course I took it out back to bury it for later. Leave it to me to pick the rocks behind the shed to dig up to make a hole for it and I ended up tearing up the tip of my nose when I went to fill it in.

This afternoon we went for a long walk over the rocks and to the fields. I'm not the best at going over the rocks but AP and I go real slow and she keeps a hand on my neck so she can pull me if I get into trouble. When we came back through the park Henry was coming out to play so we joined in and then we ran into Muffin and Biscotta.

I was already tired and after playing for awhile I laid down in the grass. The gnats were swarming around my head and so AP made me put on my Doggles - how embarrassing!

I don't like my sunglasses and I really don't like my Doggles. The humans all told me that I was handsome in them but I don't believe them.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 16, 2009

Today was an ordinary day AP and I went for a walk in the morning and played at the park and then I hung out on the tile floor and cooled off. I slept most of the day but got up at lunch and hung out in the yard and listened to the birds. AP and I went for a walk kind of late in the day and my friends were out and we wrestled around. Henry and Nala ran after a new dog that everyone said looked like Nala. I'll take their word for it, he didnt smell like my Nala. I tried to go say hi but everyone is a little faster than me so I missed out. His human was apparently not the type to let him play with other dogs - pity. We all sat pretty for a picture - everyone says we are quite a good looking pack.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

July 12, 2009

I had my 8:00am playdate with my girl Nala and then I hung out for most of the day. Little did I know that I was headed for an afternoon BATH!

I hate water.

I hate soap.

Don't really like the dryer.

But I Love Being This Fluffy and White.

We went to the park afterwards and all my friends were there, Henry, Nala, Muffin and Jazzy and we ran and wrestled but I didn't get too dirty. Steve made fun of me and the fact that I smelled pretty so AP and Carol are threatning to put bows and a bandana on Henry when Steve isnt looking.

Having a bath is tiring so I went to bed early.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

July 11, 2009

I had a playdate with Nala at 8:00 and we rolled around in the dirt and dust which was lots of fun. We walked home the long way by the pool and they were having a swim meet . My friend John was there and caught up to me going up the hill next to the pool. I like John even though he smells like chlorine and voluntarily goes in pools (very strange). See my post "where is the lifeguard". He is always very nice and fusses over me and I know he had snacks in his backpack so that smelled really good. AP introduced him to Nala and her human Carol. I of course decided that perhaps we should stay and maybe others would come and pet me so I plopped down and refused to get up. AP ended up pulling me up (I hate it when she does that) and we walked the rest of the way home. Nala split off at my street and we said we would see each other later.

When I got home I was hot so I set up camp at the front door on the tile floor till it was time to go with AP and CM to Annapolis. We dropped of CM at Evolutions and got loved on by my friend Eileen who loves all Dogs. AP and I then went to the vet to visit and picked up my Dasaquin for my hips. While we were there I got weighed and had my nails clipped, I am now 110.5 lbs. I like the vet when it's just a quick visit. Since we had time to kill before picking CM back up we went to Petco and played right/left/straight with the aisles in the store. It's a fun game where AP and I walk around and she tells me to go right or left or straight to navigate the store without bumping into anything. People usually stop and ask why AP is giving me directions and when she tells them that I can't see they don't believe it at first and then they fuss all over me. I love making new friends. Then we went and picked up CM and went to Panera Bread to get some dinner to take to the park near the airport. The park is really cool cause I can hear the planes fly out and come in really low and we sit in the back of the truck and I usually get a little peice of roast turkey breast from a sandwhich.

It was a long day and I fell asleep in the truck before we got home.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 7, 2009

AP got home early -ish and we played with my puzzle that CM got for me. It's called the "Dog Brick" and it requires a dog to first dislodge the removable bones, then to push the sliding covers and access hidden treats I am pretty good with it but every now and then I get a little carried away and just swat it with my paws. Well we played with that till I got all the treats out and then we played tug with my rubber rings. I LOVE TUG! We dont play it often because I get carried away and accidently end up biting fingers instead of the toy. Then we wrestled and I got in trouble for grabbing an arm so it was time to go for a walk. AP made me wear my glasses which I HATE, but the sun was really bright so I didnt have a choice. When we got to Nala's neighborhood I knew she was out so I made AP walk by her house but she wasnt home. We went by Henry's and Mr. Steve was sitting outside. I really love Mr. Steve I get to give his head and ears kisses and he doesn't mind. He let Henry out to play out in the back and we were hanging out and wrestling when Nala showed up. The 3 of us had a great time and I didn't want to go home. I was dragging my feet going up the sidewalk so AP started playing "ready, set, go" with me and we ran most of the way home. What a great afternoon.

Monday, July 6, 2009

July 6, 2009

You know what is really fun? When the alarm goes off in the morning and the humans dont get up - you wait a little while and then go bark right in next to the bed. That got AP moving one morning and I got CM up once by licking her face. AP calls me the walking snooze button. Once I get someone up then I go lay down - it's really funny!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 2009

I am sad today! AP said that my first human mommy Victoria lost one of her very best friends last week. One of her Pyr's was very old and had to leave her. AP understands that pain since it was only a year ago when Myatuk had to go and AP still misses her. She says it is hard to adjust when one of your family is not there anymore, the daily routine is different and the daily hugs and kisses are sorely missed. I could try to fill the hole but I am not the same, I don't lay in the same places or do the same things, so the routine is different but I am always great at the hugs and kisses part. It's lucky that the world was designed with enough love to go around for everyone and everything even though everyone and everything is different. I am sending special hugs and kisses to Victoria and her family. She is a very special person who works tirelessly for all us Pyrs and I know that Lola knew how much she was loved but probably not how much she was going to be missed. Kisses and hugs Mommy V. -from your TonkaMan.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Why do they call it the dog days of summer? When you have a thick fur coat like mine you dont much like summer. AP made me get up extra early today so we could take our walk before it got too hot. I didn't feel much like listening today and went wandering all over the field by the pool. I just pretended I couldnt hear AP calling becuase a plane was flying over. I could hear just fine and she caught me because I ducked to the left when she yelled "fence". I should have been a little smarter and smacked into it a little and then I could have kept on pretending not to hear. She was pretty mad when she realized I was just ignoring the "come here" . Anyway she put me back on the leash and we headed to the park. She let me off the leash again at the park and I was going to start wandering around again but Nala was there and she ran over and got me. Nala's human had chicken strips and 2 bottles of water so we had a little snack. Nala was tryin to lie down underneath me so I could be her shade, silly girl. We were running and wrestling and Pepe showed up, he is really fast like Nala and I can't really keep up with them, but it was too hot to be zippin around anyway. Nala went to lie in the shade and Pepe and I wrestled for awhile. It was getting pretty hot so we said goodbye to Pepe and I walked Nala home. When I got home I crashed on the tile floor to cool down and that is where I am spending most of my day.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

June 18, 2009

My girlfriend Nala and the humans went to Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis to the dog park. Unfortunately all the rain had washed away the dog beach so we could only play in the fenced area. It seems like no matter where we go I run into someone who knows me, as we were walking down the path we ran into Tom from Greater Annapolis Vet Hospital. I like him he always treats me extra special when I have to go to the vet. I got to meet some new friends and tried to help the guys that were installing the wooden tops on the trash cans but AP kept dragging me away and telling me they didn't need my help.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May 2009

AP and I were walking in the park this morning and the sunlight hit me just right and she noticed that I had a pool of blood sitting in the bottom of my eye. She called the Vet and they told her to get me to the eye Dr. right away. So off to see Dr. Gift we went... I like him he really wishes he could help me see, but he cant. He was more concerned about the protein junk in my other eye and put me on all kinds of medicine and I have to go back in 2 weeks. He told AP that if the junk clogs up my eyes they might have to remove them. She didnt seem to happy about that but it didnt bother me - my eyes dont work anyway.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

May 16, 2009

I went to Spring Fest at AGP Resucue in VA. I hate the long ride but I do love the Pyr Fest. I get to play with everyone that I hung out with when I lived there and all the humans fuss over me. It was very hot this year and some guys were actually laying in the pools.

Of course I dont do water very well so CM kept putting a cold water bottle on my belly to cool me down. My friend Bertha was there and she got adopted and has a really great family that loves her very much. She has some step siblings to play with as well. AP says we have a 1 Pyr house because I am the equivalent of 3 since I am such a handful. I dont understand that since I know I weigh, way more than a handful...... I could tell Bertha had grown up to be very pretty and she is very smart.

I entered all the events and I actually won some and so did Bertha. AP knew I would win for best kisser since I can't resist ears so she put her ear down in front of me and we won. I also won fastest down, since it was really hot I was getting ready to lay down anyway and AP said DOWN and I was headed that way.

AP says I am a cheeseball when it comes to photos - she swears I know when someone has a camera...

My Friend Bertha

Lots of Pyrs and Mommy Vickie telling the humans how important it is to take care of us. We all had tons of fun and I can't wait till the Fall Fest. Thanks to everyone that made it possible.