Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Exactly 6 years ago today a friend and I drove to Richmond, Virginia. We exited 295 on an exit labeled Varina which I have always jokingly called Narnia. If you have ever read the books or seen the movies then you know that Narnia is a magical place and so too is the place off of this particular exit. This is the exit that leads to Appalachian Great Pyrenees Rescue and that day it took me to "get" my magical boy Tonka. A magical boy deserves to come from a magical place.

Today is his "gotcha" day. The day that I "got" him to come home and be with me forever. I just did not know that our forever would be so short.  I still struggle daily with the fact that he is gone but I keep my thoughts and feelings more and more to myself  as I am trying the patience of even my dearest friends with my sadness.

I try to occupy my time with things that I think he would be proud of. I try to stay busy and stay distracted but Tonka is always right there.

See today is his "gotcha" day but the reality is he "got" me and he became my heart and I will never be the same again.

I miss you my Tonk Man.