Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hanging out with Sandy

AP said someone named Sandy was coming and we sat out back in the screened in porch to greet her. No one showed up but it got real windy and just kept raining all day. I really don't like rain but I love wind cuz it brings lots of good smells from far away. I got bored after awhile and started trying to chew the towel on my bed so AP got a tuggy toy for me to play with.

Got It
Let Go

Kill IT
Nibble IT
I wanted to stay outside all day but AP made me go in the house for the afternoon. She said the wind was really picking up and it was getting really cold.

We went in and I hung out on my awesome new racing flame blanket that my friends Cheif, Ranger, Beanie and Luna sent me. They have a friend that makes them and thought I should have this pattern cuz I have been racing around in my wheels. You can see more patterns at Just Beautiful Treasures on Facebook.

Cool Tie Blankie


Ranger and Chief (he has wheels like me)


 It rained and rained and rained so we stayed inside and AP slept downstairs with me. I don't know what happened with Sandy but I had a good day!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Blows Us to The Sea Witch Festival

AP here:
With the approach of hurricane Sandy I had to go to the beach today to secure the camper and all the deck furniture. I decided at the last minute to take Tonka with me. It was not on our original schedule of events for the day but it had to be done and the window of opportunity really only left us today as the best choice. We stuck some Jimmy Buffett in the CD player and away we went.

Tonka has not been down to the beach in a long time so he was very happy when we got there and his friend Wally was there.


Wally and his friends walked around with Tonka while I took care of the camper (thanks guys).

Then we headed down to the beach so I could see how high the surf was breaking and to my surprise the Sea Witch Festival was going on. Normally the festival is on our calendar of things to do but this year has been a little off since the Tonka Man has not been able to walk. The new Eddies Wheels has changed all that and our usual events will be back on track for next year. Tonka loves the festival and we usually dress up and walk in the parade.

It took a little while to find a parking spot that would accommodate for his ramp but once we were parked and out he was ready to roll. The Sea Witch Festival is a big deal with adults, kids and dogs all dressed up for Halloween so there were people everywhere. We got stopped every two feet so someone could pet him or take a picture which means he was in heaven. He did run over one persons foot with the wheels but we apologized and I thought that was pretty good since it was so crowded.
We stopped in Odysea to see our buddy Rick


and then headed down to the boardwalk.

We met some witches along the way

Good Witches

and a new four legged friend


We went down to the the beginning of the beach and Tonka got to walk in the sand a little ways. He really wanted to go all the way to the surf but I knew he would get stuck so I had to turn him around.


There were horses on the beach giving kids rides and Tonka loves horses. His nose was straight up in the air smelling for them and I had to drag him away.

Once we were in the truck he was out for the count.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hey Don't Forget Me

Monday AP came home from work and got ready to take me for my walk. Lately she has been taking my wheels outside and then belly walking (hands under my belly) me out to go potty before she puts me in them. I heard her tie her shoes and then take the wheels out but she was gone a little too long and I thought maybe she forgot me. To make sure she didn't I got up and walked over to the door.

She was just coming back to get me and I don't think she was expecting me to be there.

Since we are doing the treadmill twice a week she is taking the Tonka Trailer with us when we walk so that I don't overdo it. When I start to get tired I get in the trailer and she hooks the wheels in behind it and pushes me home.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Pediatric Heart Picnic 2012

I had such a great time at the Inova Fairfax and CVCA Heart Picnic this weekend. AP and I drove to Clemyjontri park and got to hang out with some of my heart friends from last year. We have all had heart surgery at CVCA and we get together every year to have a picnic with kids who have also had heart surgery. Kids are my favoritist things.....

My buddy Buoy was there

Buoy -I missed you

and his friend Jetty

and the two Collies Sugar and Annie

Sugar and Annie
This year we have a new friend join us and he was taller than me. His name is Gunner and he is a Great Dane and is still a puppy.

I got lots of love from all the people that were there.

I will stand here in these wheels all day as long as you pet me

Let me tell you a secret

We had to pose for pictures

Buoy and Jetty

Tonka and Buoy
and of course I got to hangout with awesome kids

Liam had to check out my spidey tape on my boots
I love you guys!
I love to be petted - specially around my ears
The kids are always so much fun

Buoy was all about the cookies
Did someone say COOKIE

Hey whats in the Bag?
Seriously - whats in the bag?

I met a new little friend Zack who was just there to visit

Dude U R Huge
R U A Bear?
I always have a great time at the picnic - thanks to CVCA and Inova Fairax Hospital for inviting me.

for more pics check out the CVCA FaceBook site

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pyrfect day at the Park

Yesterday AP took me to the park to see my friends.

When we first got there no one was out - AP and I tend to get up earlier than most of our friends. We had time to stroll and listen to the birds.

Nala and Aunt Carol showed up and we walked to the back field and played Duck, Duck Goose in the mud. I love mud!

Then Pepe showed up and we wrestled a little

Then Rusty showed up along with Shania and SweetPea. It was total craziness and I have to watch out for Rusty because he has a crush on my Nala.

Then the silly humans decided it would be cute to have Shania take me for a walk.

I didn't mind but I don't think Shania was very happy!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

TonkaFest 2012

AP here:
I have met so many amazing people over the course of the last year dealing with Tonka's medical mystery. It's impossible to fully express how much it has meant to me that they take such great care with him and are always so engaged in trying to help him. I started trying to come of with a way to thank them other than to just say "thank you"a million times and then it hit me.

Why not have a party to celebrate the journey of Tonka and to celebrate the people that support him. I called a friend to see if she knew of a venue where we could have a cookout but would also allow dogs and she graciously offered up her house and very large backyard. **A huge THANK YOU to Cathy Hall and her family for hosting TonkaFest and to Gina for running around with me (without a list) on Saturday finalizing things.

The date was set and the invitations went out for Sunday October 7, 2012. Little did we know that Saturday would be gorgeous weather and Sunday a cold front would move in with rain. It didn't matter though as we setup tents in the yard and over the deck and Cathy had the fireplace stoked inside for people to thaw out if they got cold. We only had some short bursts of rain with the heavy stuff waiting till after we had cleaned up and I put the Tonka Man in the truck to take him home- Pyrfect timing.

Tonka's Pyr friends Charlie Bear and Kaiser were there along with his best friend Nala.

Kaiser with Trish and Mike

Charlie Bear

Aunt Carol and Nala

We had some new friends as well with little Penny and 2 boxers Chloe and Chopper

Chris and Penny
Gloria and Kim with Chopper and Chloe

 Mr Ray was keeping everyone full with the most awesome Pit Beef, Turkey and Ham

So glad Donna and Charlie Bear made the trip
So much food


We had plenty of food and so many great desserts.


Tonka was making the rounds trying to scam food.
Arty almost fell for it.

Cathy always gives in to him.
Hiding behind Mom

Dad is always good for a pet

Lots of Love from Patty

and always love from Aunt Nancy

The Tonka Dog spent the afternoon getting lots of love and attention and I believe a good time was had by all.

Sneaky Cathy


Hanging with AJ

Braving the rain

Chris and Diana (Tonka's Amazing Therapists)

Eileen and David

Gina and Hannah

Tonka loves Hannah

Nala says no - its my ball

Getting some attention from Lisa

Hanging with the Tonka Dog

Cathy Hall- the greatest hostess ever

Checking the scores
Aunt Carol and Missy

Robin and AJ with Chris, Diana and Penny

More love from Hannah

Such a happy bunch

Thirsty Boy

Thanks to everyone who came out for TonkaFest 2012 and thank you for all your support and encouragement over the past year. Since the TonkaFest the Tonka Man has been much more his old happy, determined self and if making progress and getting back on his own 4 feet.

 **Much love to Nancy for all the pictures and extra thanks to the Virginia crew Donna, Nancy and Art for making the very long trek in the rain and game day traffic.