Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Blows Us to The Sea Witch Festival

AP here:
With the approach of hurricane Sandy I had to go to the beach today to secure the camper and all the deck furniture. I decided at the last minute to take Tonka with me. It was not on our original schedule of events for the day but it had to be done and the window of opportunity really only left us today as the best choice. We stuck some Jimmy Buffett in the CD player and away we went.

Tonka has not been down to the beach in a long time so he was very happy when we got there and his friend Wally was there.


Wally and his friends walked around with Tonka while I took care of the camper (thanks guys).

Then we headed down to the beach so I could see how high the surf was breaking and to my surprise the Sea Witch Festival was going on. Normally the festival is on our calendar of things to do but this year has been a little off since the Tonka Man has not been able to walk. The new Eddies Wheels has changed all that and our usual events will be back on track for next year. Tonka loves the festival and we usually dress up and walk in the parade.

It took a little while to find a parking spot that would accommodate for his ramp but once we were parked and out he was ready to roll. The Sea Witch Festival is a big deal with adults, kids and dogs all dressed up for Halloween so there were people everywhere. We got stopped every two feet so someone could pet him or take a picture which means he was in heaven. He did run over one persons foot with the wheels but we apologized and I thought that was pretty good since it was so crowded.
We stopped in Odysea to see our buddy Rick


and then headed down to the boardwalk.

We met some witches along the way

Good Witches

and a new four legged friend


We went down to the the beginning of the beach and Tonka got to walk in the sand a little ways. He really wanted to go all the way to the surf but I knew he would get stuck so I had to turn him around.


There were horses on the beach giving kids rides and Tonka loves horses. His nose was straight up in the air smelling for them and I had to drag him away.

Once we were in the truck he was out for the count.

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