Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tonka the Backhoe Dog

I love dirt, mud is even better. AP calls me a backhoe because I can move a lot of dirt with one paw swipe like the bucket on the front of a backhoe. My favorite spot to dig is in the backyard next to the house. When I first got here it was all white river rocks and I kept tearing up my nose trying to dig so AP moved all the rocks to another part of the yard and then put down dirt and sod. Sod is fun - it has plastic mesh in it that makes a great ripping sound when you tear it with your paws. I tore it all up and have been digging for China (I think I have relatives there). AP gets really mad and fills it back in and then I have to dig it all back up again. She is very annoying with that!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Nyla Bones

I love to chew on sticks and Nylabones. I used to chew on doorframes, tablelegs, TV remotes, rugs, the fish-tank stand, porch-swings and porch-rails, but now I pretty much stick to my things. Tonight I got a little off track and took the lid to a plastic glad container off the kitchen table. I got in trouble for that but a litte while later I forgot so I took a second one off the desk... I really got in trouble for that one!
So for the rest of the night I stuck to my bones....

Monday, May 24, 2010

So Sad

This is what I had to look at this morning as I left for work....


Friday, May 21, 2010

Some Bones Should Stay Buried

AP here -Tonka buries things toys, bones, cookies anything is fair game. This bone has been missing since before January. Tonka buried it before the big snowstorm and just dug it up tpday. He left it for a minute to go check out a noise so I snuck up, grabbed it and threw it away.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tonka goes "Green Acres"

We went to the farm today and Nala went with us. She had never been so I wanted to introduce her to the sheep and goats. We had a lovely conversation with a sheep....

Nala and the goat did not get along so well, the goat actually stood up on its hind legs and told her to go away.

The rabbit and she got along fine

She rounded up a baby chicken that had escaped and the caretakers had to put it back in its pen.

My favorite is always Mama Pig, she smells awesome.

The cow and I have an uneasy relationship. I was really scared of it the first time we met last year but CM promised it can’t hurt me through the fence. I may be blind but I know the cow is way bigger than me...

AP snuck up on a groundhog and took a picture but she wouldn’t let me near it. She says they are dangerous when they feel threatened. It wasn’t like I was going to walk up and pick a fight or anything. :) 

The farm is fun becuase it is all kinds of different smells that we don't have at home or at the park.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Recycle Bag Attacks

I went to check the recycle bag to see if perhaps there was a coffee cup for me and the thing attacked me....
It grabbed my head and would not let go!

I had to really struggle to finally get it off

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Living Ruff in Silver Spring

I went to a great pet store today in Silver Spring called Living Ruff. AGPR had an adoption event in downtown Silver Spring and I went to see some of my friends that are looking for forever homes. Carol and the staff at Living Ruff were great and fed me treats and even sat on the floor with me and gave me lots of love and attention. It was a good day for the rescue with lots of people meeting my friends and filling out applications to adopt.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Kiss Your Feet

AP here:
CM has a little game she plays with Tonka called "Kiss your Feet". When Tonka is lying on his side she will kneel beside him and ask to kiss his feet. In true "Tonka Time" fashion it takes him a minute to register the request and then he will hold up his foot for her to kiss.

This escalates to him batting up towards her and he usually ends up hugging her.

This then becomes belly up for a belly rub and or a belly brushing with a slicker brush.

He is such a silly boy.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Reston Town Center Pet Fiesta

AP took me to the Pet Fiesta today and it was HOT but we at least had a breeze blowing.

We were there today to raise awareness for AGPR and see if there was a lucky human for my friend Maggie who is a really sweet dog. Maggie was there with Gina.

Nancy and Art worked really hard to get everything together for our booth and they had some really cool goodie bags and MILK BONES (I love milk bones). All the kids wanted to feed me milk bones and I was happy to keep eating them.

Andy was there and he is really happy at his new home. He and I were the spokesdogs for adoption today and were getting lots of love from the people and kids walking by. AP and I walked around collecting donations and since it was crowded and windy I had to wear my sunglasses which always gets people talking and asking questions. I must have had my picture taken 30 times. The best part is always getting petted and talked to by the kids -I LOVE KIDS!

I was getting really hot so we went into the pet friendly Apple store and AP played with the iPad while I spread out on the floor to get cool. They were very nice to let all the dogs come in today and the guy at the door was really cool.

Later in the afternoon Andy and I were napping at the booth he had been there since 10:00am so it was a really long day for him.

I was sound asleep but you couldn't tell because of my sunglasses. I have some other pictures coming and will post them as they come in.