Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Greater Annapolis Veterinary Hospital Pet of the Month

I love everyone at Greater Annapolis Veterinary Hospital. AP has been taking me there since I was a little guy. I love going in the door and up to the counter where Ms. Denise gives me treats. All the people are always nice to me and I get lots of attention so I don't mind going there. I even don't mind when Tom trims my nails or sticks me with a needle although I do fight him sometimes on clipping my front paws. 

AP told me they made me Pet of the Month which is a very big honor. She said they even put up my story and picture on their website - how cool is that? 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Tonka Dog

AP here:
Since Tonka came from a shelter we don't exactly have an actual birth date for him so the vet techs at GAVH gave him December 7th. That is also Pearl harbor Day so it does make it easy to remember. This year his birthday happened to fall on a an underwater treadmill therapy day which meant getting into "water" one of Tonka's last favorite things. It actually meant the "w" word twice because once we are home from treadmill he then gets an actual bath. I felt bad that he was going to have to get wet twice on his birthday but the treadmill is helping him so I did not want to cancel.
What I didn't know is that it was also going to be raining for his birthday so he was going to have a very wet day.

We started the day with a walk in the rain and it was not coming down too hard when we first went out. We made it all the way to the park and the sky opened up and we had to take shelter under the jungle gym.

Hate the Rain

Can I Come Out Yet

Later in the day we went to the Canine Fitness Center and he walked on the Underwater Treadmill. Diana and Chris gave him some extra birthday attention which made him happy. He has been doing really well on the treadmill and is up to (2) five minute sessions with a 2 minute rest in between.

Once we were home the boy had a bath and relaxed while I blew him dry. Of course Tonka is always relaxed and can fall asleep during anything.

After he was all dry he got brushed..

Sweet Boy

Then his girlfriend Nala showed up to hang out with him.

I think all in all he had a pretty good day!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Middleburg Christmas Parade 2012

AP here:
Last year we missed the Christmas parade in Middleburg VA. Tonka was just starting with his neurological problem and could not walk very well. This year with his Eddies Wheels cart we were ready to go.
Appalachian Great Pyrenees Rescue (Tonka's rescue) participates in the parade every year and typically there are anywhere from 80 to 100 dogs that show up. These are all rescues and it is truly a wonderful sight to see.
The parade is very well known and a large crowd always gathers in the small town so parking is at a premium and if you are going to go you should get there early.

I got the boy up early and he was very excited to be going to the parade. His girlfriends Bertha and Sylvia were going to be there so he wanted to look extra handsome. I put on his jingle bell collar and his Sparkle Christmas Collar that Bertha got him a few years ago.

Ready to go

We packed up his wheels and headed out on the 2 hour drive to Middleburg.

Fortunately we grabbed a parking spot semi close to our staging area at the Sporting Library. As we crossed the first street and ran straight into Mommy Vicky the Director for AGPR. Tonka took off towards her at the sound of her voice (he loves Mommy V).  We got stopped a few times by kids (Tonka's Favorite things) before finally getting to the library. His Aunt Nancy was there with his girlfriend Bertha and buddy Oliver. I put down his Mutt Matt and took him out of his wheels to rest till the parade.

Tonka and Aunt Nancy having a conversation
He got to hang out with Bertha


and Sylvia

As more dogs and people showed up I got him back in his wheels to take him to see everyone and to go potty.

We met some Corgis

and some pipers with the bagpipe corp.

he got some loving from some kids

and then he rested again

Everyone was there and it was almost time for the parade

We lined up

And off we went

We had over 100 dogs this year and it was such a good time. On the way back to the truck the Tonka boy was a tried but happy boy. We passed some other tired pups as well.

Tonka can't wait till next year.....