Thursday, October 9, 2008

Don't Eat Glass

So AP says there is a five minute rule with me and if no one has seen me for 5 minutes I am probably doing something I shouldnt. Well I went out to go potty and started up my ramp to the porch and those plastic light covers on the bottom rail were just sitting there waiting to be played with. I popped one off with my foot and it got away from me, I started looking for it with my nose and found this little piece that seemed interesting so I pulled it with my mouth and it came loose. It was kind of crunchy and didn't taste like much so I went back to looking for the plastic piece. Five minutes must have been up because AP came outside and stared fussing about the plastic piece being off and then she got really upset- something about the bulb being missing and then she was checking my gums and my tongue. She called the Dr. and they told her to feed me 10 pieces of bread (which I loved) and to bring me in if i started throwing up. I really could not understand all the fuss over eating a 1 inch lightbulb. I did get sick the next day so they took some x-rays and it turned out I ate a leaded glass light bulb so the filament and all the little peices showed up really well. All came out well in the end :)