Saturday, July 31, 2010

Flying (Falling) Squirrel

Nala and I were walking in the park this morning with AP and Carol when there was a loud sound behind Carol like a tree branch coming down. Everyone turned just in time to see a big fat squirrel crash down to the ground right behind Carol. I didn't see it of course but I could hear it and smell it as it ran away from us really fast. Its not the trees you have to worry about coming down its the critters.....

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

AP and I Need Your Help

AP entered a contest with a few thousand other people on It is the Best Pet Parent Contest and the people are all competing for rescue groups. AP is competing for the Appalachian Great Pyrenees Rescue where I came from. They always have so many dogs to care for and every day there are more coming in. Well AP was selected as one of the 50 finalists and competing to win one of the following prizes for the Appalachian Great Pyrenees Rescue:

-Grand Prize - $10,000
-Runner-Up - $5,000
-Honorable Mention (10 winners) - $1,000
We could use your help:
All you need to do is create an account on PetFinder and cast your vote for us. This is the official word on the number of times you may vote:
"There is no limit to the number of times you may vote during the Voting Period, however votes generated by script, macro or other automated means will be void. You will be required to refresh your browser after placing your vote in order to vote again. Also, you may need to clear your cache periodically so you can view the most recent votes and status."
The contest runs until September 28th so please vote often.

Please share this link with your friends and encourage them to vote for us and help AGPR save more Pyrs!
Best Pet Parent

If that is not working use this tinyurl

Thanks for your help!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tonka and the Bone

AP here:
I thought today would be a good day to give Tonka a frozen marrow bone as a treat since he had a busy day. Busy meaning he walked for 1 1/2 hours this morning, ate breakfast and then napped for 7 hours.

It has been so hot that I have been leaving the Doggie Door closed which is also necessary when giving him high value treats like bones or big cookies. High value treats always end up being buried for later and the blind dog is not real smart about choosing soft spots to bury things. The reason his nose is reddish on the tip and not all black is from him burying things under rocks. He is also not the best at ever finding the treats again, it is usually a visiting dog that digs up something vile looking from a year ago and ends with me chasing them to get it and throw it away. With the door closed I figured he would stay in the house and enjoy the bone - NOT! He licked it a little then took it off to the bedroom to bury it by the chest of drawers. Not wanting thawed marrow bone on the carpet I snuck (or at least I thought I was sneaky) in to the room and put one of his blankets under it. I came back out and sat down to read some emails and up the steps he came and scurried down the hall to the bedroom. Luckily I had the Flip camcorder right next to me so I turned it on as he came down the hall with the bone. Rule number 1 is humans cannot touch a bone that has been "buried" even if it is "buried" in the middle of the room. What follows is footage of Tonka trying to find a spot to re-bury the bone I touched...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Firefighter Dogs

This morning Nala and I went for an early morning walk to the park and we found a pile of smoldring leaves where someone had made a fire and didn't put it all the way out. AP called the fire department and they came in the big truck with the siren on. They were on the way to the spot where the fire was when we were leaving.

Friday, July 23, 2010

2 hot for Tonka Dogs

AP here: Went to take a little walk with Tonka at 10:00pm since the temperature dropped to 90. He is usually asleep by 10:00 but since we didn't walk earlier like normal he was wide awake. We got to the end of the driveway and he stopped and rolled his eyes up to me as if to say - "you are crazy - I'm not going anywhere". He then turned and pulled me back to the door. Smart Boy! Now he is belly up wanting a tummy rub.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nelson in the Country

AP heard from Donna and Nelson got a clean bill of health except for a runny/sneezy nose. He is a city slicker out in the country near a Llama farm. AP says he might be allergic to them but it's probably just the clean country air. He has been busy chewing bones and barking at the llamas in the distance. He is such a sweet boy and AP is very happy he is safe. Donna sent a picture of him and he AP says he looks very happy.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nelson Goes to Foster

AP picked up Nelson today to take him to meet his foster mom Donna. She has a Doggie Resort with really awesome kennels and Nelson is going to be staying with her for awhile. He liked being in my truck but AP said he would look out the window and then would get up and try to get up front with her.
Finally he settled down and chilled out to some Jimmy Buffett - one of my favorites. AP says lots of Pyrs like Buffett and her friend Nancy calls us PYROTHEADS!

Now we just have to wait for the vet to check him for heartworm and any other nasties and if he is all good he can go to an adoption event and maybe I can hang out with him.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Nelson gets a Bath

Kirk and Heather from Maryland Mobile Grooming spent 5 hours today brushing, clipping and bathing Nelson. AP stopped by to get some pictures and said he was being such a good boy. This is a picture of him after lots of brushing and before his bath.
Kirk and Heather are awesome. Nelson was the first Pyr that Heather ever groomed and she did such a great job. Kirk did the majority of the brushing and has owned Pyrs before so he knew how handsome and what color he could be. Nelson got 2 1/2 baths before it was all over and could use some more grooming. He was one very dirty boy and had a nail that had curled under and into his pad that Heather had to carefully remove. This is Nelson after his bath isn't he handsome?

Friday, July 9, 2010


AP found a groomer for Nelson and he used to have Pyr's. his name is Kirk and he runs Maryland Mobile Grooming and he and another groomer are going to go and wash the dirty Nelson on Tuesday. Nelson has surgery to get neutered on Wednesday and AP wants him to be clean. She is going to spring him from jail on Thursday and he will go into rescue till he finds a forever home.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


So AP got an email from Mommy V at AGPR about a stray Pyr that is in the local shelter so she went to take a look at him.She found a very dirty and matted boy that had probably been running loose for quite awhile. He has 4 inch mats trailing behind him off of his back feet and nasty black gritty dirt at the base of tail.

The shelter named him Nelson and AP says he is very sweet and knows how to sit and shake paws. They don't have a place to groom him so AP is going to find a mobile groomer to clean him up. Since he is a stray they have to keep him for 5 days in case his owner comes looking for him. AP says no one is coming for him which is sad she also said anyone that comes looking for him wouldn't deserve him because of the state he is.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Back to the Beach

We went to the beach for the Holiday weekend and AP got me a license for Dewey Beach. I can now go to the beach in the morning before 9:30 and in the afternoon after 5:30. I love the beach. The minute my paws hit the sand I go into the Tonka Dance and blippity blop all over the place - even into the surf. I hate water in all forms except for the surf - AP says I am a goof. I met all kinds of people while we were walking around and got cookies at Critter Beach and Odysea and the nice lady at Comfort Shoes let me come in the store. There were lots of kids to pet me and I got to "see" my friends Wally and Gwen. I love the beach!