Sunday, July 4, 2010

Back to the Beach

We went to the beach for the Holiday weekend and AP got me a license for Dewey Beach. I can now go to the beach in the morning before 9:30 and in the afternoon after 5:30. I love the beach. The minute my paws hit the sand I go into the Tonka Dance and blippity blop all over the place - even into the surf. I hate water in all forms except for the surf - AP says I am a goof. I met all kinds of people while we were walking around and got cookies at Critter Beach and Odysea and the nice lady at Comfort Shoes let me come in the store. There were lots of kids to pet me and I got to "see" my friends Wally and Gwen. I love the beach!


Anonymous said...

Tonka.. i have to see you swim at the beach !! Luv your backhoe video.. next time i need something dug up i am calling you ! I was happy to see you this morning also ! you are one beautiful boy !

Patty & Butteercup

Helen and Raja said...

Tonka, You are a great example to dogs and people alike... you don't let anything ruin your fun! Wish we all would catch your winning attitude. Your family is wonderful!