Monday, July 12, 2010

Nelson gets a Bath

Kirk and Heather from Maryland Mobile Grooming spent 5 hours today brushing, clipping and bathing Nelson. AP stopped by to get some pictures and said he was being such a good boy. This is a picture of him after lots of brushing and before his bath.
Kirk and Heather are awesome. Nelson was the first Pyr that Heather ever groomed and she did such a great job. Kirk did the majority of the brushing and has owned Pyrs before so he knew how handsome and what color he could be. Nelson got 2 1/2 baths before it was all over and could use some more grooming. He was one very dirty boy and had a nail that had curled under and into his pad that Heather had to carefully remove. This is Nelson after his bath isn't he handsome?

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