Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tonka and the Bone

AP here:
I thought today would be a good day to give Tonka a frozen marrow bone as a treat since he had a busy day. Busy meaning he walked for 1 1/2 hours this morning, ate breakfast and then napped for 7 hours.

It has been so hot that I have been leaving the Doggie Door closed which is also necessary when giving him high value treats like bones or big cookies. High value treats always end up being buried for later and the blind dog is not real smart about choosing soft spots to bury things. The reason his nose is reddish on the tip and not all black is from him burying things under rocks. He is also not the best at ever finding the treats again, it is usually a visiting dog that digs up something vile looking from a year ago and ends with me chasing them to get it and throw it away. With the door closed I figured he would stay in the house and enjoy the bone - NOT! He licked it a little then took it off to the bedroom to bury it by the chest of drawers. Not wanting thawed marrow bone on the carpet I snuck (or at least I thought I was sneaky) in to the room and put one of his blankets under it. I came back out and sat down to read some emails and up the steps he came and scurried down the hall to the bedroom. Luckily I had the Flip camcorder right next to me so I turned it on as he came down the hall with the bone. Rule number 1 is humans cannot touch a bone that has been "buried" even if it is "buried" in the middle of the room. What follows is footage of Tonka trying to find a spot to re-bury the bone I touched...


Bertha! said...

Oh that dig is smarter then any dog I know! He continues to crack me up. Thanks for always having the camera ready!!!
Hug the Beastly Boy for me!

Anonymous said...

We hear you, Tonka. Humans know nothing about burying bones and have no business interfering with such an important activity. We like to bury things ourselves and it's a pain when you can't get your nose in the dirt to do the real deal. Kaiser & Charlemagne