Wednesday, July 7, 2010


So AP got an email from Mommy V at AGPR about a stray Pyr that is in the local shelter so she went to take a look at him.She found a very dirty and matted boy that had probably been running loose for quite awhile. He has 4 inch mats trailing behind him off of his back feet and nasty black gritty dirt at the base of tail.

The shelter named him Nelson and AP says he is very sweet and knows how to sit and shake paws. They don't have a place to groom him so AP is going to find a mobile groomer to clean him up. Since he is a stray they have to keep him for 5 days in case his owner comes looking for him. AP says no one is coming for him which is sad she also said anyone that comes looking for him wouldn't deserve him because of the state he is.

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