Saturday, August 28, 2010

Petfinder Contest Part 2

Voting has started again for the Petfinder Best Pet Parent Contest. New rules this time around state that you can only vote once a day so every vote from every person is a huge deal. Please help us win some $$ for the Appalachian Great Pyrenees Rescue. You can vote for us at

Thanks for all your help!

Tonka and the Councilman

When we were at the beach I met a really nice guy and his wife. AP says that he is a Councilman for New Castle County in Wilmington Delaware and he is a friend to all dogs. His name was Robert S. Weiner and he was key in getting a dog park called the Bark Park built and we are going to go visit it next time we are going to the beach
He was also talking to AP and CM about legislation to help stop puppy mills. I really liked him because he was scratching my head and petting me :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Big Headed Handsome Boy and The Swimmer

One of the greatest swimmers in the world called me handsome today. AP said Diana Nyad posted on Facebook that I was a handsome dog. She is getting ready to be the first person to swim the 103 miles from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage. That is very brave. I don't like to swim and I don't think I would like sharks either.We have little sharks in the fish tank downstairs and sometimes they make splashing noises and I try to lick the glass on the tank. I don't think that is the same as big sharks in the ocean though. Anyway AP says I shouldn't get a big head over being called handsome by someone famous, she says my head is already big enough.
Help support Diana in her Extreme Dream and learn more about it at

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Just Beachy!

I had a great fun at the beach yesterday.
I was running in the surf

And rolling in the sand!

All in all a good day!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Petfinder Contest Ends and Begins Again

AP and I  entered the "Worlds Best Pet Parent Contest" at Petfinder last month see   We entered to win money for Appalachian Great Pyrenees Rescue (AGPR) where I came from and we made it to the final 50. Everyone was voting really hard for us and we were at number 7 when the contest was ended.
This is the email AP got from them:

Congratulations! You have won an Honorable Mention prize, a $1,000 donation to the rescue group you designated, in the World's Best Pet Parent Contest.
The adoption group you selected will be receiving verification paperwork via e-mail or regular mail from our contest administrator, Promotion Mechanics. They will be asked to submit 501(c)(3) paperwork or, if they don't have that, a completed W9 form providing a tax ID number in order to receive the donation.
Please note that you still have a chance to win even more money for your chosen adoption group. We have ended the World's Best Pet Parent Contest early due to voting issues and will be starting a new contest on Aug. 27. You, along with all the other finalists from the first contest -- with the exception of the top two winners -- will be automatically entered as finalists in the second contest. You will be receiving an e-mail about this shortly.
Once again, congratulations on winning this donation to help homeless pets.


Thanks to all my friends and all the great voluteers at AGPR who spent every evening voting for us. We will be starting back up on August 27th and hope you will support the rescue once again.
Hugs and Licks

Itchy Ears and Weepy Eyes

I went to the vet today and I have allergies. My eyes have been weepy and I have been digging at my ears. AP says my sense of smell is off and Dr. Woodburn says I have allergies. He also checked out my lumpy head and my lump by my tail and they are still nothing to worry about but my hip has an issue. AP noticed that when I lift my leg to mark on things I loose my footing on one side. Dr. Woodburn did a little test and I have great knees and ankles but I dont like it when he pulls on my one hip. When I was real little I had a problem with my shoulder and my hip and I guess I didn't grow out of the hip one... I am going to start taking adequan shots to try and make it better. AP says the shots can relievs the pain of osteoarthritis and stimulate cartilage repair while soothing and lubricating the joint whatever that means.

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Very Angry AP

AP is big animal lover and will go out of her way to help any kind of animal but today she was really mad at a dog in the neighborhood. There are 2 cocker spaniels that are kept chained in a yard and occasionally escape. AP and I had been at the park and we were walking home, we turned the corner of our street and stopped to talk to the neighbor that lives across the street from the cockers. Usually if one of them is loose it will come rushing across the street barking and snapping. Today AP was talking and the golden one came sneaking around the back of the car in front of us and was getting ready to snap at my hind leg. AP caught sight of it and yanked me forward and behind her. She kicked at it and started yelling really loud and the next thing I knew I was being dragged behind her as she chased it back across the street to its yard. She was really mad and I think she scared the neighbor he said "remind me not to try and hurt your dog". I think she scared the dog as well......

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Exhausted from the Adoption Day in Virginia

I got to  help out today at the AGPR adoption event in Warrenton VA and had a great time with my new friends, Lucy, Casper and Caleb. I hope they all get great homes. I loved meeting all the people and especially the kids. My rescue peeps were there as well, Nancy and Gina and my new friend Donna who was such a help in rescuing Nelson see Nelson in the country at It was a long day and I missed my naptime so I went to bed early.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Diggin the Beach

Tonka loves to dig:

Cool Dog

AP here: Tonka and I were on the way home from the beach and a big truck with a really cool dog drove by. He had his whole head out the window sniffing the breezes with his DOGGLES on!