Friday, August 20, 2010

Itchy Ears and Weepy Eyes

I went to the vet today and I have allergies. My eyes have been weepy and I have been digging at my ears. AP says my sense of smell is off and Dr. Woodburn says I have allergies. He also checked out my lumpy head and my lump by my tail and they are still nothing to worry about but my hip has an issue. AP noticed that when I lift my leg to mark on things I loose my footing on one side. Dr. Woodburn did a little test and I have great knees and ankles but I dont like it when he pulls on my one hip. When I was real little I had a problem with my shoulder and my hip and I guess I didn't grow out of the hip one... I am going to start taking adequan shots to try and make it better. AP says the shots can relievs the pain of osteoarthritis and stimulate cartilage repair while soothing and lubricating the joint whatever that means.

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