Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tonka the Backhoe Dog

I love dirt, mud is even better. AP calls me a backhoe because I can move a lot of dirt with one paw swipe like the bucket on the front of a backhoe. My favorite spot to dig is in the backyard next to the house. When I first got here it was all white river rocks and I kept tearing up my nose trying to dig so AP moved all the rocks to another part of the yard and then put down dirt and sod. Sod is fun - it has plastic mesh in it that makes a great ripping sound when you tear it with your paws. I tore it all up and have been digging for China (I think I have relatives there). AP gets really mad and fills it back in and then I have to dig it all back up again. She is very annoying with that!

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