Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tonka goes "Green Acres"

We went to the farm today and Nala went with us. She had never been so I wanted to introduce her to the sheep and goats. We had a lovely conversation with a sheep....

Nala and the goat did not get along so well, the goat actually stood up on its hind legs and told her to go away.

The rabbit and she got along fine

She rounded up a baby chicken that had escaped and the caretakers had to put it back in its pen.

My favorite is always Mama Pig, she smells awesome.

The cow and I have an uneasy relationship. I was really scared of it the first time we met last year but CM promised it can’t hurt me through the fence. I may be blind but I know the cow is way bigger than me...

AP snuck up on a groundhog and took a picture but she wouldn’t let me near it. She says they are dangerous when they feel threatened. It wasn’t like I was going to walk up and pick a fight or anything. :) 

The farm is fun becuase it is all kinds of different smells that we don't have at home or at the park.

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