Monday, October 22, 2012

Pediatric Heart Picnic 2012

I had such a great time at the Inova Fairfax and CVCA Heart Picnic this weekend. AP and I drove to Clemyjontri park and got to hang out with some of my heart friends from last year. We have all had heart surgery at CVCA and we get together every year to have a picnic with kids who have also had heart surgery. Kids are my favoritist things.....

My buddy Buoy was there

Buoy -I missed you

and his friend Jetty

and the two Collies Sugar and Annie

Sugar and Annie
This year we have a new friend join us and he was taller than me. His name is Gunner and he is a Great Dane and is still a puppy.

I got lots of love from all the people that were there.

I will stand here in these wheels all day as long as you pet me

Let me tell you a secret

We had to pose for pictures

Buoy and Jetty

Tonka and Buoy
and of course I got to hangout with awesome kids

Liam had to check out my spidey tape on my boots
I love you guys!
I love to be petted - specially around my ears
The kids are always so much fun

Buoy was all about the cookies
Did someone say COOKIE

Hey whats in the Bag?
Seriously - whats in the bag?

I met a new little friend Zack who was just there to visit

Dude U R Huge
R U A Bear?
I always have a great time at the picnic - thanks to CVCA and Inova Fairax Hospital for inviting me.

for more pics check out the CVCA FaceBook site

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Tina said...

Don't Tonka and Buoy look like the big-dog version of the black and white Scottie knickknacks of the 1960s?