Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hanging out with Sandy

AP said someone named Sandy was coming and we sat out back in the screened in porch to greet her. No one showed up but it got real windy and just kept raining all day. I really don't like rain but I love wind cuz it brings lots of good smells from far away. I got bored after awhile and started trying to chew the towel on my bed so AP got a tuggy toy for me to play with.

Got It
Let Go

Kill IT
Nibble IT
I wanted to stay outside all day but AP made me go in the house for the afternoon. She said the wind was really picking up and it was getting really cold.

We went in and I hung out on my awesome new racing flame blanket that my friends Cheif, Ranger, Beanie and Luna sent me. They have a friend that makes them and thought I should have this pattern cuz I have been racing around in my wheels. You can see more patterns at Just Beautiful Treasures on Facebook.

Cool Tie Blankie


Ranger and Chief (he has wheels like me)


 It rained and rained and rained so we stayed inside and AP slept downstairs with me. I don't know what happened with Sandy but I had a good day!


Ray the Blind Dog said...

I slept downstairs with Ray too. Worried about trees coming through the roof and the exact spot they would probably hit would be Ray's futon. Thank God we have comfy couches.

Tonka said...

I have one big tree out front that would be the one to make life miserable if it came down. I don't know about Ray but Tonka snores :)

Ray the Blind Dog said...

Ray does too. And twitches and growls and whinnies like Curly in the three stooges.