Saturday, October 13, 2012

Shopping at the Depot

AP took me with her today to run all her errands and I got to go shopping at the Home Depot. 

I have already lost some little rubber feet pieces off of my wheels so we went to go ask the guy in hardware if they had anything to replace them with. I was a little nervous once we got in the store since there were so many sounds and smells. A really nice employee came up to me and got down on my height and was scratching behind my ears and told me he wanted to take me home with him.
AP muttered that if he knew how much work I was he would change his mind about that - she thinks she is soooo funny.
We explained what we were looking for and he took us to the aisle where we could maybe find it. I wasn't nervous anymore and followed right along and he was very impressed that I knew my right from my left.
We didn't find exactly what we were looking for so AP is going to email Eddies Wheels and get some new pieces. Everyone was really nice and helpful and I got a ton of hugs and kisses. We got stopped in the aisles a few times and created some little traffic jams with people giving me some love and attention. A few people were not happy and gave AP a dirty look for blocking the aisle but she told me they were just jealous they don't have cool wheels like me.
By the time we got up by the checkout we had quite a crowd and one of the ladies kept kissing me and told me I can come back anytime.

I had so much fun I would like to go back tomorrow!

It's too early for Christmas

We could use some Pumpkins

These smell nice

So do these

Should we get some

Lets get the big one


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liparifam said...

There are still good people in the world :) Tonka looks beautiful...