Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 2009

I am sad today! AP said that my first human mommy Victoria lost one of her very best friends last week. One of her Pyr's was very old and had to leave her. AP understands that pain since it was only a year ago when Myatuk had to go and AP still misses her. She says it is hard to adjust when one of your family is not there anymore, the daily routine is different and the daily hugs and kisses are sorely missed. I could try to fill the hole but I am not the same, I don't lay in the same places or do the same things, so the routine is different but I am always great at the hugs and kisses part. It's lucky that the world was designed with enough love to go around for everyone and everything even though everyone and everything is different. I am sending special hugs and kisses to Victoria and her family. She is a very special person who works tirelessly for all us Pyrs and I know that Lola knew how much she was loved but probably not how much she was going to be missed. Kisses and hugs Mommy V. -from your TonkaMan.

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