Saturday, June 27, 2009


Why do they call it the dog days of summer? When you have a thick fur coat like mine you dont much like summer. AP made me get up extra early today so we could take our walk before it got too hot. I didn't feel much like listening today and went wandering all over the field by the pool. I just pretended I couldnt hear AP calling becuase a plane was flying over. I could hear just fine and she caught me because I ducked to the left when she yelled "fence". I should have been a little smarter and smacked into it a little and then I could have kept on pretending not to hear. She was pretty mad when she realized I was just ignoring the "come here" . Anyway she put me back on the leash and we headed to the park. She let me off the leash again at the park and I was going to start wandering around again but Nala was there and she ran over and got me. Nala's human had chicken strips and 2 bottles of water so we had a little snack. Nala was tryin to lie down underneath me so I could be her shade, silly girl. We were running and wrestling and Pepe showed up, he is really fast like Nala and I can't really keep up with them, but it was too hot to be zippin around anyway. Nala went to lie in the shade and Pepe and I wrestled for awhile. It was getting pretty hot so we said goodbye to Pepe and I walked Nala home. When I got home I crashed on the tile floor to cool down and that is where I am spending most of my day.

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