Saturday, May 16, 2009

May 16, 2009

I went to Spring Fest at AGP Resucue in VA. I hate the long ride but I do love the Pyr Fest. I get to play with everyone that I hung out with when I lived there and all the humans fuss over me. It was very hot this year and some guys were actually laying in the pools.

Of course I dont do water very well so CM kept putting a cold water bottle on my belly to cool me down. My friend Bertha was there and she got adopted and has a really great family that loves her very much. She has some step siblings to play with as well. AP says we have a 1 Pyr house because I am the equivalent of 3 since I am such a handful. I dont understand that since I know I weigh, way more than a handful...... I could tell Bertha had grown up to be very pretty and she is very smart.

I entered all the events and I actually won some and so did Bertha. AP knew I would win for best kisser since I can't resist ears so she put her ear down in front of me and we won. I also won fastest down, since it was really hot I was getting ready to lay down anyway and AP said DOWN and I was headed that way.

AP says I am a cheeseball when it comes to photos - she swears I know when someone has a camera...

My Friend Bertha

Lots of Pyrs and Mommy Vickie telling the humans how important it is to take care of us. We all had tons of fun and I can't wait till the Fall Fest. Thanks to everyone that made it possible.

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