Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Agility is Hard

All my friends are into the "agility" craze. AP and I have done the weave poles since I was a little guy, so I can do those - just not very fast. Now Nala's mom has made some jumps with PVC pipe and traffic cones and Henry and Nala are all jumpy and leap-y. I try really hard - and I can climb over but jumping is really not my thing. I'm really good at knocking everything down and even better at chewing the tops of the cones, but thats not considered "agility". Hey, I'm agile - for 111 lbs of fluffy, big dog I am plenty agile - I can wrestle with the best of them. climb into small places to dig where I am not supposed to, destroy anything in less than 10 minutes and can soldier crawl under tables.... someone should make those a doggy sport.

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