Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bad start to the day

AP woke up with a bad headache and had to go to work far away today so we got up and started walking really early. I was sitting and waiting for another dog to walk by and I got impatient and lunged forward. AP was startled and pulled the leash back really hard and I ended up smacking my head into a mailbox. Now I have a chunk of fur and skin missing over my eyebrow. AP was really upset because she said it could have been my eye. She said I should be wrapped in bubble wrap or wear headgear like boxers do. It's bad enough she makes me wear those stupid googles and sunglasses. A little further up the road I got off the leash and was running around the field when those water drops started pelting me from the sky. I really freak out at those and was going left and right trying to find AP. She caught me and put me back on the leash and we went under the trees for a little while. The water stopped falling so hard and we started walking home. Ryan's dad was out and was concerned over my eyebrow gash so I bet when we walk tonight all the people will be fussing over me. AP emailed Mommy Victoria and she said it was a good thing my name was not grace and told AP I needed lots of hugs and kisses for my boo boo. Even long distance I get fussed over. Spoiled dog aren't I? My name is Tonka cuz I am just like the indestructible Toy Truck.......

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