Saturday, July 11, 2009

July 11, 2009

I had a playdate with Nala at 8:00 and we rolled around in the dirt and dust which was lots of fun. We walked home the long way by the pool and they were having a swim meet . My friend John was there and caught up to me going up the hill next to the pool. I like John even though he smells like chlorine and voluntarily goes in pools (very strange). See my post "where is the lifeguard". He is always very nice and fusses over me and I know he had snacks in his backpack so that smelled really good. AP introduced him to Nala and her human Carol. I of course decided that perhaps we should stay and maybe others would come and pet me so I plopped down and refused to get up. AP ended up pulling me up (I hate it when she does that) and we walked the rest of the way home. Nala split off at my street and we said we would see each other later.

When I got home I was hot so I set up camp at the front door on the tile floor till it was time to go with AP and CM to Annapolis. We dropped of CM at Evolutions and got loved on by my friend Eileen who loves all Dogs. AP and I then went to the vet to visit and picked up my Dasaquin for my hips. While we were there I got weighed and had my nails clipped, I am now 110.5 lbs. I like the vet when it's just a quick visit. Since we had time to kill before picking CM back up we went to Petco and played right/left/straight with the aisles in the store. It's a fun game where AP and I walk around and she tells me to go right or left or straight to navigate the store without bumping into anything. People usually stop and ask why AP is giving me directions and when she tells them that I can't see they don't believe it at first and then they fuss all over me. I love making new friends. Then we went and picked up CM and went to Panera Bread to get some dinner to take to the park near the airport. The park is really cool cause I can hear the planes fly out and come in really low and we sit in the back of the truck and I usually get a little peice of roast turkey breast from a sandwhich.

It was a long day and I fell asleep in the truck before we got home.

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