Sunday, July 26, 2009

July 26, 2009

This morning I got to play with Nala. She had been gone for a few days visiting relatives while her human Carol went to Disney. It was great to wrestle with her and Carol got me some Disney Doggie Treats shaped like little bones and a sticker for the Yellow Tonka Truck and AP got a T-shirt. She is very nice for a human and she always has good treats for our playdates. When we got home I was laying at the landing and there was a big crash outside. Some big branches from a tree next door had come down and fell onto the fence and blocked my ramp. There was a storm last night so it must have made them loose and today they gave way. AP went to the shed to get the limb lopper things and I waded right into the middle of things to help.

The tree demolition expert.
I am very experienced with tree limbs - its how I make sticks...
AP has to keep all the lower limbs on all the trees in the back yard cut off or I will reach up and tear them down and claim them as my sticks. I have quite a pile and am also pretty handy at bringing firewood to the porch from the stacks behind the shed.

AP's dad came up with a chain saw and helped her cut everything up into pieces and put it out for the tree recycle guys to take away. At least I got to keep one......
See -now this one is mine and I will add it to my pile.

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