Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dogs and Children

We went out for our walk really late tonight and the football kids were just leaving the field. A little girl came up and asked AP if she could pet me. She also wanted to know if I would bite. AP explained that I wouldn't bite but I might move my head around to sniff her since I can't see. She asked my name and wanted to know why I couldn't see. She had a hard time with Tonka so it came out Conka. AP told her my eyes were broken inside when I was born and she waved her hand in front of my face and said "I'm right here Conka". She was petting me and talking to me and then asked me to sit so I sat down. Even sitting I was taller than her. I decided to flop down and she got down next to me and kept petting me and when it was time to go she took my head in both hands and said very softly "bye Conka" and gave AP a big hug. I like kids.

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