Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tonka is NOT the older Sibling

This is CM, Tonka's other human. Most of the blogs I have let AP tell the saga of Tonka but I have MANY a story to tell of his "adventures"! AP says that the reason that Tonka destroys MY things or "attacks" me is because he thinks I'm his sibling. That I need to be more the Alpha...blah, blah,blah :):) I've tried but the blind one STILL thinks WE are siblings and some how HE is the oldest!

Today on a weekend AP had to go into work early; not something that she normally has to do. I had plans of doing that exciting task of "house cleaning & laundry". No problem,right? What could go wrong?

Our morning started at 7:30, Tonka was laying on the foyer being the "angel" he is. Then AP walked out the door and the "adventures" began.

I was stripping the beds when I heard this RIPPING sound loud and close by. Now Tonka loves to take the dish towels and plant both front paws on them and pull up with all his might and RIP! There is something about that sound he just loves; but it is only certain towels. So at first I thought he had a towel, but then I realized the sound was quite close. When I found my "younger brother" he had taken AP's blue NIKE fleece pull-over! When he heard me asking "what are you doing"; he froze in position! Tonka must think that since he couldn't "see" me I couldn't see him! But there he stood with both paws and the fleece in his mouth; not moving! "I won't move and CM won't see me and I can continue."

When I asked what he thought he was doing...he dropped it from his mouth as if to say "nothing, just standing here". I ordered him out of the room to realize he had tore a big hole in the armpit and had already been pulling AP's things off the dresser and had them around the room.

I scolded him and reminded him that those were NOT his things; yet there was something inside that was like "YES, score this time it was AP's and NOT my stuff!" :):) I thought would have been the end of it...I was wrong.

A short time later I hear him "digging" out the kitchen vent from the floor! Why he has decided lately to kill the vent is beyond me. Again, I had to stop to deal with my"brother"! Now you would think after getting in trouble twice now in a short amount of time Tonka would have given up...nope.

Tonka proceeded to go from one thing to another. From taking the picture albums of the end tables, to taking off with MY dress shoes (remember I was cleaning). But the icing on the dog biscuit was the lamp and MY curio cabinet! I had just got back to cleaning when I hear ANOTHER crash; this time it was the lamp and coasters that he pushed backwards into my curio cabinet! One LUCKY DOG that it did not break!

When I had yelled at him for the LAST time and told him he was going to put into his house if he didn't behave...yes, he understood me! He kept patting at me with his big paws like to say "come on let's PLAY, you know you want to". Come on CM you know you love me, then laid down and showed his belly and wanted me to rub it! What part of YOU ARE IN TROUBLE did he not get? YES, I rubbed his belly gave him kisses and BEGGED him to be good! Then I thought I'm driving myself crazy "YOU are the ALPHA, BE the ALPHA" I just need to put him in his house; when he got up and went a laid down. Three hours had gone by and the only things I accomplished were, stripping the beds, dusting the 3 bedrooms and breakfast dishes! Then AP was walking in the door and wanted to know how my morning had been and if I was DONE cleaning so we could enjoy the rest of the day! Then Tonka comes running up to meet AP for LOVE!! Which he got; so WHO is the ALPHA?

I'm coming back as a big blind dog and parking myself on AP's doorstop!

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