Tuesday, September 29, 2009

September 25th 2009

This morning AP took Tonka for his normal EARLY morning walk. He got the chance to run into his "buddy" Henry and get a chance to play. It was a rainy morning but he didn't care because he is a "wash and walk" kind of guy. I was getting ready for work when in Tonka came!
For a dog who does not like water; he is funny when he comes in from the rain.

Tonka heard my voice so he came "looking" for me; but I didn't want a BIG WET dog on me! Mean while AP had gone to get the famous "dog towels" to "mop" Tonka up. I took the towels and before I could begin to dry him off as if he knew; Tonka sat down. Told him to get up which in turn translated to him LAY DOWN and QUICKLY roll over on my side!

So as I was trying to dry him off when Tonka thought it was game. He began to "swim" and pull the towel with his mouth. He kept trying to take the towel away from me and I could ONLY get one side of him because he was still lying on his side. Fighting me and trying to play with the towel; I realized I was out matched! So I cried for help......AP!! She came upstairs to see me wrestling the BEAR and laughed.
I told AP I need you to help me flip the bear to the other side. So of course this ONLY reinforced Tonka thinking it was a "game". So I dried off the other side as I wrestled! When I was getting up to leave that is when Tonka decided to grab for the towel again and PULL!
As the towel ripped he took off with it and shredded it into pieces.
Now ripping old towels isn't that bad, it's the fact that he doesn't listen; at least not to me. Ripping the towel wasn't enough for Tonka and since he still had a lot of "play" left in him; he came looking for me.
He "attacked" my feet, pulled at my pj's and keep bouncing and prancing at me as to say “let’s get it on". At one point as I walked away and ignored him; he caught my PJ bottoms just right! He pulled and as I walked they came down just enough for me to lose my balance and FALL! The next thing I knew I had a BIG WHITE DOG trying to stand over me and play.
Then I hear AP'S voice asking what I was doing as she was coming upstairs! To which at that point Tonka moves and goes lay down! Again, as I try to explain what HE did I was being asked what I did to get HIM all jacked up!
I really don't believe he is blind or even a dog anymore. I've decided that he must be a reincarnation of my sister (who is alive) from the times I picked on her or let her get blamed for something I did. So when I come back I will be reincarnated into a BIG WHITE DOG and sit my butt on AP'S door step so I can get by with so much!

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