Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Optivizor

The blood in my left eye has not gotten any better its actually gotten worse and so now everyone is calling me bloody eye the pirate.
AP took me to see the eye Doctor yesterday and this time I saw Dr. Weigt since Dr. Gift was not there.
We had a 9:45 appointment but since they were really busy I had to wait and I got really bored. To pass the time I laid on my side and swam for awhile then I tried to tell everyone that I was bored by grumbling. When that didn't work I barked a few times and started searching around the room for things to amuse myself with. The technician came in and put drops in my eyes and then stuck the pressure pen thing on my eyes. My pressure in my bloody eye was at 18 and it should not go above 20 my other eye was at 16. The Dr. came in and fussed over me (no-one can resist the Tonka) and then looked in my eyes with a bright light which I can see in the right eye so it's uncomfortable. Everyone is always concerned that I might have to have my eye removed because of the pressure but Dr. Weigt gave me some drops to help reduce the inflammation. She talked to AP about blood pressure medication but we don't want to turn me into a furry lethargic lump like last time I took that stuff. AP was trying to explain that I am not very graceful and I play really hard with my friends and she has been trying to make some kind of helmet to protect me. Dr. Weigt had just the thing, it's called the Optivizor and it goes on your head and down your muzzle and makes a shield for your eyes. - it was invented to protect eyes after surgeries.


I'm not sure if I like it or not but AP is making me wear it when I play with my friends. I had it on this morning and Nala didn't make fun of me so I guess its cool. I tried to get it off but it is not easy to remove like my glasses.

P.S. We were walking tonight and got caught in a storm and the water was hitting me hard in my eyes so AP put on my optivizor to protect me. Maybe it's not such a bad thing!

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