Sunday, April 29, 2012

Walk (or be Pushed in a Giant Stroller) for the Animals

Today was the Annual SPCA Walk for the Animals at Quiet Waters Park. AP thought that would be a good place to ease back into getting me out and about to events. She told me a lot of my Doctors would be there so if anything went wrong we were sure to have help quickly. Carol and Nala went with us and helped AP with my Tonka Trailer. it has to be broken down into different parts and then put on the back of the truck on a bike rack and then when we get to where we are going it has to be put back together. AP says its really quick and simple but its nice to have help.We all went last year and had a great time.
We went early and got a good parking space so I only had to walk up one hill. I made it up the hill and all around the booths and vendors without falling at all. Good thing I had an extra therapy session on Friday. When we first walked in I ran into my friend from last year and he is really big - even bigger than me

My Buddy


Then I ran into 2 Corgis that live around my neighborhood and 1 of them sees my therapist Chris. AP chatted with their mom for awhile and then we walked around to the GAVH booth. I got lots of treats from all the ladies there just like I do when I go for my B12 shots and Ms. Denise at the front desk feeds them to me. I met so many people and puppies and we ran into a really nice lady, Ann who reads my blog. She knows my good friends Patty and Buttercup.

Hey I know you Guys
I do Love Attention

Why yes - I Do Love You

That is the spot!

Then it was time for the walk and AP and Carol put me in my trailer. I don't mind getting in but finding the right way to sit always takes some time. Once I was in we went out on the trail and walked/got pushed around the mile loop. The park is really hilly and Carol had to help AP get me up some of the hills and we even had Nala pull me a little.

Cruising in the Tonka Mobile

At the finish we went around the booths one more time to say goodbye to everyone and I got out and walked again. I had to wear my boot since my foot was dragging a little. I met a dog on the way out that was part Pyr and part Newf. I forgot to tell AP to take a picture for our friend Donna at Golden Retreat for K9s she helps rescue both breeds.

Goodbye Everyone

Heading to the Truck

We headed out to the truck and a really nice man stopped us and gave me lots of pats and ear rubs. His dog has a pinched nerve and goes to my therapists Chris and Diana and he had seen me before at CVSS.

Just 5 more minutes

Once I was in the truck I curled up with Nala and took a little nap and when we got home I did not want to get out. It was a very big day for me and I was tired

AP finally made me get up and go in the house and I went right back to sleep with my ice packs on and dreamed about all the people and puppies I met.



Bertha and crew said...

It sure sounds like you had a busy day! Glad you are getting out and about doing what you do best...spread love.

Golden Retreat For K9's said...

I hope you had fun. I miss seeing you and your mom at events. Too bad she did not take that picture of the Pyr/Newf dude! Thanks for mentioning our place on your blog.
Charlie, Casper, Max, Chance & Aunt Donna

Tonka said...

Thanks Bertha and crew. Maybe we will see you soon.

Tonka said...

Aunt Donna AP said she thought about taking the picture after it was too late but you would have really liked him. I hope we come visit you again soon and maybe I will be better and can play with Charlie.

Anonymous said...

Tonka.. I am so proud of you and mommy.. Looks like you both had a GRAND day!

Big Hugs,
Pat & Buttercup