Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Comfort Wagon

AP here:
I ordered a trailer/stroller called the comfort wagon. It was the largest bike trailer that I could find that is meant for a dog and can be converted to a stroller.

Comfort Wagon

The premise was to have him get in and I could push him to the park and then he could get out and play a bit. So basically a way for us to have long walks together again and for him to participate in the parades and adoption events that he loves to do.
Problem  - even those this is for a dog weighing up to 165lbs it is rather short in height. He took one step up and bonked his head on the cross bar that is the roof. I had my Friend Carol look at it and we talked about ways to modify it. The comfort wagon was very pricey and so I thought it best to see if I could find one a bit cheaper or perhaps used to slice and dice with modifications. I boxed it up and sent it right back. I did find one cheaper but started digging a little more and found two other possibilities. I found a place in Canada that had a landscape wagon that would have been perfect except the modification from bike trailer to push wagon was the tiny little wheels you see on baby strollers. That definitely would not last under Tonka's weight. I called to see if we could brainstorm on that and some other strollers they had for disabled children but didn't get very far.
Then I stumbled upon Cycletote.com which makes aluminum bike trailers that can be converted to kid or dog strollers.I sent them an email about what I had in mind and had a very nice woman named Sue call me back that same day. She went out to Tonka's blog and saw how big he was and wanted to discuss how we could make something work for him.

 She also said they have had a Pyr in the large trailer and is sending me a picture. This just might be what we need.

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