Monday, April 16, 2012

Really? Seriously?

AP here:
I noticed a few days ago that Tonka's remaining real eye was looking very red and with everything else going on I put it down to allergies. I should have known that was way too simple an explanation. I caught it just right this morning in the full sunlight and he has a small sliver of blood on the bottom edge of his cornea. If you follow this blog you will remember that we have "been here and done it". Tonka was known as "bloody eye guy" for a short spell and then since that interfered with the drainage of that eye he became "giant eye guy" as the eye began to swell in response to the interocular pressure.
End result of all of that was the removal of the contents of the eye and the insertion of a prosthesis.
I am wondering at what point we both finally break!!


Took Tonka to see the amazing Dr. Weigt this evening and she really is such a great person as well as an Ophthalmologist. Her and her staff are always so good with the Tonka Man. His pressure in the eye is up to 23 and he does have that little sliver of blood hanging out in the eye but it is only the equivalent of a few drops. Pressure needs to come down because that is what will dictate whether surgery is ever necessary. Normal range is 10-20 so it's not that high yet. If the pressure gets real high it is very uncomfortable (pain) like a migraine so we have upped his eye drops and we will re-check in 10 days. She is hopeful that the inflammation and Glaucoma will get back under control.


Anonymous said...

Boooo. Poor Tonka man can't catch a break. Hope you can get the eye under control, AP.

T & Lee

Tonka said...

Thanks T & Lee -10 days of 2x a day meds and the pressure has dropped back down to a respectable 14.
AP is very happy