Friday, April 27, 2012

A Tigers Tale

AP here:
We make decisions everyday, some are small and require no thought and others are large and life changing. This is the tale of Tiger where a bunch of small decisions worked together to return him safely home.

Tonka has therapy every Tuesday but on some weeks he also goes on Fridays.and today was one of those Fridays. On Therapy days we walk earlier than normal in the morning and this Friday Tonka was insistent that we also walk a different route. So we were out earlier and at a different spot than usual when we met a man looking for his dog Tiger. Tiger had gone missing the night before and they were very worried since at 18 years old his vision and hearing were not so good. We told him we would keep and eye out and I would spread the word. As we walked on I sent a text to some other morning dog walkers and posted to my friends in the neighborhood on FB.
Tonka and I were running late as we headed out of the neighborhood when I saw a friend and made the decision (even though we were late) to pull over and ask her to spread the word about Tiger. I asked her to  please tell my friend Bob since he is home most of the day and usually is out with his dogs. She said she would and off to therapy we went.
When we returned from therapy I drove into the neighborhood and noticed someone had put up signs about Tiger. Bob saw my truck as we passed and made the decision to drive up to my house and ask about the missing dog. He pulled in as I was getting out and we chatted about what I knew about Tiger. Then running even later now I secured Tonka in the house and headed out to work..
I was at the stop sign getting ready to turn on to the main road leading out when I saw my friend Shirleeta who lives one neighborhood over. She was coming across the street with Tonka's little friend Bailey. Now normally I would have just waved and drove on but I made the decision to stop (I was already late). She saw me and came across the street holding a picture of a small dog. She was going to post it at the stop sign. She wanted to know if I recognized the dog and knew the owner. I told her I didn't but that a small dog was missing on my side of the main street. She then told me"well he doesn't see or hear so well" so I figured it had to be Tiger. We put Bailey dog in the back and I turned the truck around and we drove back to one of the signs to get a phone number.
She then told me her neighbor had Tiger at his house and that Tiger had walked out in front of his car the night before. Apparently it took some coaxing and the help of a county police officer to capture Tiger and the decision was made to keep him in a crate at his house for the night. The next morning his wife made the decision to go knocking on all the neighbors doors to see if anyone knew where he belonged and that's how Shirleeta got involved.
We called the number on the missing sign and talked to a much relived owner and then we all met at the "Hero of the day" neighbors house. Tiger was very happy to be back with mom and dad and we all agreed that it was just right decisions, right time, right place that had worked together to keep Tiger safe for the night. As I drove away I said to myself that I thought perhaps a bit of "Tonka Magic" was also involved to start the chain of events off by having me run into Tigers dad that morning..
I have no doubt that Tiger would have made it home without our intervention. I know Shirleeta would have put up the pictures and his owners would have seen it but I am glad it worked out to get him home sooner than later.


Anonymous said...

So glad Tiger got home safe and sound !! and glad your eye pressure is doing good also !

Buttercup & Patty

Tonka said...

Thanks Patty and Buttercup