Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Sock Boot Factory

AP is trying to invent something for my back paws so they don't get so scuffed up. I have my Skyliner boots but sometimes when my nervous system is acting up they are too heavy. She says she is making me sock boot and keeps singing this silly song about working at the sock boot factory. I do worry sometimes that this is the person responsible for my care!

AP here: Yes I am inventing the sock boot for Tonka because the problem with just socks for big dogs is that the toenails rub right through the toe very quickly. Socks also don't have any water proof capability and get wet on dewy mornings and rainy days.
I have now tried several options. In order to make the sock boot I started with dog socks and then tried to figure out what I could coat them with to keep them pliable but tough and waterproof on the bottom. The only two things I could think of were Shoe Goo and Plastidip.
I took playdoh since it is non toxic and made a mold of Tonka's foot while standing.

Play-Doh imprint
I let that harden and then found a product (toe cover) that was the same width and length of the mold of his paw. I stiffened that with a piece of moleskin cut to fit inside of it and that became my last to insert in to the sock to hold the correct shape.

Toe Topper
To give it some height in the toe area I molded a toe insert from tin foil.
I started with Shoe Goo and coated the underside of a sock and came up and over the toe and the sides a little.The problem with the Shoe Goo was it dried to hard and stiff and it was not comfortable on his foot.
The next try was with Plastidip and we had some success.

I dipped the bottom into a plate with plastidip and then used a plastic knife to spread over the toe and sides. The first one I only did the bottom and it tended to twist on his foot as he walked.

cover the bottom

Hang to dry

It works pretty well and is real pliable although the rubber wears through after a few walks and has to be redone.I might try to add some grit on the last layer to see if that gives it more traction and a longer life but for now I am just -

♫ Working at the Sock Boot Factory ♫

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Anonymous said...

Tonka.. you truly have the most amazing mom !! Alice i think you are on to something .. maybe even a patent !

Pat & Buttercup

p.s. love the stroller ! way way cool !