Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tonka's Trailer

AP here:
After a few conversations with Sue at Cycletote I ordered the large trailer with the stroller conversion. It has been modified slightly and the covered wagon part can come off easily so he can get in without worrying about height clearance. It came in a very large box and surprisingly took no time at all to put together.

With Cover


I put a few beef liver treats inside (with the canopy top off) and had Tonka reach in to get them. He is such a sucker for anything liver. We had his friends Nala and Duke come over and they took turns getting in and out of it.

I stuck two foam yoga blocks in front of each wheel to keep them from rolling away as I prepared to get him in it. I walked him under the handlebars and up as close as possible to the trailer. I asked him to "Step Big" but he refused so I lifted up his front feet and put them in.  He was unsteady and unsure at first but finally moved forward and I lifted his back legs and put them in. Carol helped to keep the carts front end down by holding it down with her foot. Once he was in I gave him a treat and told him he did a "great job". Then I had him sit for a treat and finished by having him lie down. I kept telling him to stay as we made a small trip up a hill in the backyard and around to the front gate.

To the Gate

Nala offering her support

 Once at the gate I had him stand up and lifted the front paws out and then the back legs. It is tricky and it wobbles under his weight upon standing but he is getting used to it. We then all went for a walk and pushed the trailer with us just so it became a familiar item to everyone in our little pack.

Stopping at the gate

The next day we went for a walk to the park with Nala and Duke. We walked part of the way there and then loaded him up in the cart for the rest of the journey.
He seemed to like it:

Once at the park I helped him out and he got to walk around with his friends for a while. The hardest thing is getting him to sit and lie down which I think is because of the wobble. I have found that it is easier to load and unload if I push him into tall grass. Once he is down he is content to just put his head up and sniff the breezes.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Tonka...that sure is a sweet ride!

T and Lee

Tonka said...

Hello T and Lee.
I am just glad he fits. It was not easy to find something to fit a small bear.

Anonymous said...

Tonka you sure know how to woo the ladies. Bertha is all in a tizzy over the boy with the set of wheels.
Your Mom is going to have some major rockin' arms. :)

Anonymous said...



SportsDude said...

What great wheels, T Man!! And a convertible, too!! Sylvie will have to come and see this firsthand.

PyrMom said...

Hey Tonka! SportsDude is really me, Aunt Trish!! It's our son's alias and he must have used his gmail account last on this machine. Who ever knows?? Don't want to confuse the TMan!