Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Pressure is Off

I got to go to "see" Dr.Weigt today and have my eyeball pressure read. AP has been real good about giving me my drops twice a day to help my eye feel and look better. There were some really nice people in the waiting room that gave me lots of attention. One really nice lady had a dog with a prosthetic eye like mine, she and AP got to chat about that.
Once in the room they put in the drop that makes the eye a little numb and then tapped the surface of my eye with a Tonometer pen until it beeped.The pen measures the pressure of the eye and too much pressure is bad and that is why I had to have surgery on my other eye when I was younger. The pressure was really high and was causing my eye to swell and I had really bad headaches.My reading today was 14 which is down from in the 20's so that is a really good thing. AP and Dr. Weight are very happy that the eye is responding to the medications and so am I.

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