Thursday, May 10, 2012

Riddle me this

Riddle me this Batman? If you watched the TV show with Adam West then you remember the Riddler would always have a riddle and the Batman would always have an answer. Sometimes it took Batman a little while to figure it out but he always did. Well tonight we should finally have an answer to the riddle that is Tonka's neurological issue. Tonight we MRI his ginormous head!

It was 8 months ago this week that my big goof started displaying odd symptoms and behavior. He has since been poked and prodded, scanned and tested with no concrete answer as to what is causing his neurological deficits. We have been to therapy every week and tried different medications with some success. his therapy seems to have worked the best. It gave him back his mobility in the left leg but he is now having issues with his right so it is time to look in the only place left - his head. I am a mixture of emotions about the MRI that will take place today. I want to know the answer but I also do not want to know if it is something devastating. Knowledge is power so knowing what we are fighting will help everyone involved and let us know how to prepare for the future.  His therapist Chris is going to be there and is also very interested in finding an answer. In researching neurological issues in canines over the past 8 months I have learned a great deal and I know what I do not want it to be. The problem is he displays symptoms at different times that correlate to many different things making it very hard to pinpoint what it is. The last MRI was of his Thoracic and Lumbar area and showed nothing of significance so this truly is the last place to look.

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