Sunday, March 17, 2013

To the Beach for St. Patricks Day

AP took me to the beach today. She said we should go somewhere for St. Patty's day so off to the beach we went.
While we were there she took the cover off the camper while I supervised.

Fold it the other way Mom
When she got finished we went into town and down to the end of the boardwalk and parked so I could go down to the surf. It was the first time I had been all the way to the water in over a year. It took some doing to drag the wheels through the sand but we made it.

Trucking to the surf.

 It was really windy!

 The wind gave me lots of good things to smell...

and I met a new friend named Ray.


I was sound asleep before AP pulled away from the curb.

I do love the beach.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!


acd6pack said...

Hooray for the beach! So glad you made it down there. With your wheels, can you go in the water or have you enough with rehab in the water? Keep up with the adventures, we love to read about them.

liparifam said...

Awww, two white beauties...

The Zoo Crew said...

I love you guys!

Tonka said...

Hi acd6pack,
I'm sure I could go in the water. I let it get over my front feet but AP said it was too cold and windy to stay very long. Maybe this summer I can wheel through the surf.

Tonka said...

Awww thanks!

Tonka said...

Zoo Crew,
Love you guys!