Friday, March 8, 2013

Remember When

AP here:
While cleaning up my office I came across a list of measurements for Tonka. As he was growing up I would stand him against the door frame and measure how tall he was getting just like a kid. This was his growth chart to the shoulder for the first year.

4/25/08      22"
5/26/08      24"
6/26/08      25"
8/26/08      27"
10/20/08    27"
12/18/08    29"

He was such a cute little monster and some mornings I would look at him and think where did that dog come from he was a little guy last night.

He is a big boy now, and all grown up. His measurements today stand at

Shoulder 29"
Neck 21"
Chest 39"
Waist 32"
Length of Back 37"

Some days he looks absolutely huge and others not so much but he will always be my little monster.

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