Tuesday, March 12, 2013

More than Just My Dog

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If you follow the blog you know that I call Tonka my magic man. He got this name because when he is around people cant help but smile or laugh. He magically can make a bad day better. I don't know if it is his goofy grin or his in your face happiness "love me because I love you" stance with everyone. I do know that on days when my world is crappy I only have to sit with him for a while and everything is better.

Since we screened in the back porch we essentially created a very large Tonka room with his 2 big dog beds pushed together to keep him extra comfy. He loves to lay out there sniffing the breezes and listening to the birds and neighbors. The dog beds are large enough for a person to lie down and cuddle with him and T-man is the king of snuggling. If you get on the bed he will wrap his paw around you and fall fast asleep.


Not long ago a Doctor prescribed some medicine for me and just like Tonka I am very sensitive to stuff. I took it and since it was a fairly warm day I decided to lie down with Tonka and take a nap. I ended up having a horrible reaction to the stuff and could not even get it together enough to call anyone. This is where Tonka becomes more than just my dog because that day he was my lifeline The medicine made me very jumpy and I started hallucinating.. I was trying to keep it together and stay calm so I snuggled in tighter with him and just concentrated on his breathing.. My boy never failed me as he stayed put and never tried to get up or wiggle away from me.

There was a quote I saw a while back about dogs that says it all:

When everything you know falls apart
When everyone you know turns their backs
When every last shred of hope abandons you

I will be here for you till I breathe no more

Last year we put Tonka on Ritalin to rule out a specific problem. While on it he became panicky and very agitated and I spent my nights sleeping on the floor with him to keep him settled. I cant help but think that how I felt the other day was like what he experienced back then. I am so grateful for my boy and thankful that we have each other.

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liparifam said...

Oh, my goodness, how frightening. I live alone, no relatives in town, and I often think about circumstances like that. Try to keep my cellphone on my person, but you know how that is. I always hope my dogs will be like Lassie, and run to get help, haha! Hope you're all better...