Thursday, March 28, 2013

Not the Eyeball Again....

AP here:
Some of you might remember Tonka the Bloody eye guy which then became Tonka the Giant eye guy. The bloody eye was caused by a bleed - it can happen anytime there is nothing to prevent it so he has no restrictions on what he can and can't do. The left eye just happened to always be more troublesome than the right and his eye filled with too much blood and it did not drain correctly which then caused pressure (glaucoma). The pressure then caused his eye to swell. This is what led to the decision to either remove the eye completely and make him a "winky" or to insert a prosthetic and take out the internal parts causing the problem.
We went with the prosthetic.

On our morning walk we have a last hill to navigate to get home. It is half way up this hill that we always pause to catch our breath and listen to the birds.  Part of our routine is for me to bend down and give him a kiss on the forehead and tell him "lets go" before we carry on. The sun shines just right at this spot and as it hits his face it allows you see his eyes really well. Looking at his right eye I was sad to see the sliver of blood pooled at the bottom of the globe.
It is my goal to keep my boy from ever having another surgical procedure and undergoing anesthesia again. It is also my wish never to have to make a decision about what to do with that right eye.
I called Dr. Weigt and made an appointment for her to see him. Last year he developed a small bleed and we successfully got it under control with some eye drops and it drained successfully. Sure enough her diagnosis was a bleed and some inflammation and she put him back on the glaucoma drops.

A couple positives for us to keep in mind:
1. it is a very small amount of blood - no more than 4 or 5 drops
2. his eye pressure is still really good


liparifam said...

Oh, goodness, I didn't know about all this :( Sorry about this worry - I'll be keeping dear Tonka in my thoughts.

Tonka said...

Thank you we are hoping it resolves quickly.
AP & T-man