Friday, November 9, 2012

Post Sandy (back to the beach)

Since I never got to "see" Sandy but everyone kept talking about her. I was excited when AP said we were going back to the beach to see what she had done there. So last Sunday we loaded up my wheels and Aunt Carol and headed out.

When we got there there were leaves and sticks and prickly pine cones everywhere. AP and Aunt carol put me on the porch and started raking up all the stuff. They filled 9 big bags with stuff.

AP made the mistake of letting me off the porch once there was a little path and I headed off down to find my friend Wally. He wasn't home and AP had to come retrieve me, she wasnt happy that I took off.

all cleaned up
Then we headed into town to see what Sandy had been up to there.

We stopped by to see Rick and I got cookies....


I wanted Lobster for Lunch

I Love the Beach
Window Shopping
Do We Have To Leave
I Could Learn to Surf

I still didn't meet Sandy.

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Chris, Luck, and Pen said...

Looks like the perfect weekend at the beach ! Glad you guys got out of town and had some fun.