Monday, November 26, 2012

Out to The Yard

AP here:
Mornings here start anywhere from 3 to 5 am and Tonka's new favorite thing to do is to lay out in the screened in porch for a few hours. He is loving the cold weather and I think he likes listening to the neighborhood wake up. His friends Duke and Riley have fences that meet ours and he can hear them in the morning when they come out. Next up is breakfast so I get him up and into his wheels so he can stand and eat. He has two raised combination food/water bowls that he can access without having to bend down too far. One is inside the house and the other is in the screened in porch. I fed him on the porch today and while he was eating I ran upstairs to get a sweatshirt. Tonka's routine has always been eat and then go potty so that is what we stick to. I try to keep him on a schedule so that we do not have accidents in the house. Now normally after he eats I go with him out in the yard and make him go (I'll leave those details out) but his morning he went out to the yard on his own. I came back with the sweatshirt expecting him to be waiting at the doorway but he wasn't there.

I started to walk out into the yard and I noticed that he had gone to the bathroom on the concrete step just outside the doorway. He was out in the yard so the only thing I can think is that he finished eating and knew he had to go and tried to make it out to the yard. This is another HUGE DEAL! If he can regain bowel and bladder function then our days will be much less complicated.


acd6pack said...

Wow - what fantastic news two days in a row! YIPPEE!! Here's hoping that this continues. Way to go Tonka!

Tonka said...

Thanks for the cheer we hope it continues as well.
Alice and Tonka