Sunday, November 25, 2012

Its the little things (like PEE)

AP here:
Well Tonka followers today was a historic day in the Journey of Tonka. His neurological condition that left him unable to walk also left him unable to go to the bathroom on his own. He has relied on me to empty his bladder for him every 4 hours for the past couple of months. Today we were at the park and he was rolling around in his wheels and chewing on tree branches with his girlfriend Nala when his buddy Spencer came running up.

Sticks R Good


Tonka and Spencer love to play together so he was very happy to "see" him. Spencer's little brother Charlie was also running around like a crazy boy barking and carrying on.

 Spencer said hello and then went over and lifted his leg and peed on the fence. Tonka's response was to start sniffing the fence and then he started peeing ON HIS OWN! Everything I have read research wise said if he was going to regain the ability to go on his own it would probably happen while sniffing where another dog had marked. Hopefully this is the first of many hapPEE occasions!

Spencer, Charlie and Nala


Ray the Blind Dog said...


Tina said...

That's wonderful news - I'm so happee for the big man!!!

Tonka said...

Thanks for the cheer Ray!

Tonka said...

Thanks Tina, hugs to the pack and my leapy lee.

Alice and Tonka

liparifam said...

Hallelujah! Nothing like a little peer pressure, lol!