Saturday, November 17, 2012

Big Dog Beds

AP here:
If you have a big dog then you know that not all dog beds are created equal and you know that the average retailer considers 80lbs to be the top end of things marked XL. Years ago when my female Pyrenees Myatuk started to get stiff in her hind limbs I purchased a Big Dog Bed from They understand Big and Giant breeds and know that all beds are not created equal. The beds are top quality and the one I chose was made with Max Comfort Bio Medic memory foam so it was nice and comfortable for her.


That bed is now eight years old and still in great shape and has become Tonka's favorite since he became disabled. It sits outside in the screened in porch and he loves to lay out there with the sounds and the smells from the breeze.

Tonka Snoozing

Hanging on my Big Dog Bed

Since he seems to enjoy it so much I decided to get him another one for in the house so I called Woody at and told him what I wanted. Woody is a great guy, very thorough and interested in getting the right match for your dog.
We discussed Tonka and his current issues including the fact that he is incontinent and sometimes dribbles a bit. I ended up getting essentially the same bed as the last one but with a different cover made of  Crypton® Waterproof Fabric. I also got a cover for the older bed made of the same stuff. This way both are waterproof and can be wiped clean quick and easy. The bed came vacumn packed so that the box was not huge and took no time at all to spring out to full size once unpacked. So if you are looking for a truly Big Dog Bed for a Big Dog you should talk to Woody.



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