Friday, December 17, 2010

Polar Dog

AP here: If you follow the blog regularly you know that Tonka and I walk everyday, twice a day, pretty much no matter what. The only things that can stop us are illness, injury or major weather event. We are like the postal service! Usually the illness or injury if on my side and our awesome support team of friends and family make sure that Tonka still gets his walks. Tonka considers major weather events to be things like tornado, flash flood or heavy rain (Tonka hates the rain). We don't walk in tornado's or flash floods but we do walk in rain and in a downpour I have a golf umbrella that I hold over the Tonka Man and a great raincoat for me.  If you share your life with a polar Pyrenees then you also know that they think bitter cold windy days are the best with only one thing that can top temperatures in the teens- SNOW! My first Pyr Myatuk would go out and dance when the snow first starting falling. Just the sight of the wonderful white flakes falling would set her into the happy dance. With Tonka it has to actually be on the ground otherwise it's just cold rain falling since he can't see the difference. Yesterday was the first snow here and he was beside himself. He ran and pranced, head and tail as high as he could get them unfortuantely it was too dark to get a picture of us running down the street to get to the field to play but believe me he was one happy boy.

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