Sunday, December 19, 2010

Whew What a Weekend

I was so busy this weekend.
Saturday morning I played with Nala at the park and later when I went out for my afternoon walk I ran into Santa Claus. The fire department was driving him through the neighborhood so that the reindeer can rest up for the big night. He was right down the street with all my kids handing out candy canes. I got to say hi and see my kids which was very cool. I told him I was sorry about my temper tantrum the other night and I would be good the rest of the week.

On Sunday morning I ran into my friend Jim who always has treats in his pocket and he gave me 2. When I got to the park Cooper was there. I haven't played with Cooper in a long time and we had so much fun.When I got home I wrestled with CM and followed her around the house for most of the morning. Around 2 I wanted to go for another walk so AP and I went out for about an hour or so. None of my friends were out and I didn't want to go home so I kept trying to back track and go down streets we don't normally go down.AP finally caught on that I was stalling and made me go home. She reminded me that I had told Santa I would be good.

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