Tuesday, December 21, 2010

9 Month Checkup and What is That on My Butt?

I got to see Dr. Weigt at Animal Eye Care Associates today and she checked my Bionic Eye and was really happy at how it is doing. She checked the pressure in my good/bad eye and it was up a little but nothing to worry about. She said my eye is stable and should not cause me any problems. I still have to get a drop of medicine in it every night which I don't like much but I can deal with it if it keeps my eye in check. Everyone fussed over me and I got some treats so it was all good!
Next up was Dr. Daher at Greater Annapolis Veterinary Hospital to check out this cyst thing on my left hind end, right before my tail. It has been there for a long time but lately I am very interested in it. To get to it I have to twist myself like a pretzel and then I walk around and around in a circle bouncing off the walls and the sofa. I almost fell down the steps so AP said we had to come get it checked out. Dr. Daher gave me some numbing medicine and then flushed it out and packed it with some other numbing stuff and some medicine to help it heal. Everyone fussed over me and I got some more treats but I was ready to be done with Dr.'s for the day.

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