Saturday, December 4, 2010

Middleburg Christmas Parade 2010

I had a great time today at the parade. All my friends were there both human and Pyrenees. I walked with AP and CM walked my first girlfriend Bertha.
Thats Bertha with her mom Nancy in the red coat.
There were 54 of us big white dogs in the parade including Mr. Bean in his cart.

I was very tired at the end of the day since AP and I had already went for a walk at 5:00am so I fell asleep in the Wylie Wagg store using some of my new friends as a pillow.
You can see more pictures at



Anonymous said...

Great commentary on the parade, Tonka! I love the picture of you sleeping on the girl's foot. Bet she felt lucky to have you there. Hope to see you again soon -- Trish

Anonymous said...

My husband and I were also at the parade with our two seniors, Farmer and Sadie. (We have had seven senior rescue Pyrs over the past ten years.) While I was searching online for any new photos of the parade (one in particular I am trying to find is when Sadie went nose-to-nose w/ a Bichon Frise), I found the site of "efcubed", where he had a picture of Tonka in a group of other Pyrs, w/ an ignorant comment...I did not like it so I wrote a comment back! Not sure if he will publish it or not!
Perhaps this gentleman will learn something and not be so unwittingly sarcastic in the future.
Debbie Trevelyan

Tonka said...

Unfortunately we are used to people making comments that are sometimes not well thought out. One lady insinuated that I had not exhausted enough resources to fix his eyes. I tried to explain that there is nothing there that can be fixed and she refused to believe me. One gentleman at the beach said to me "why would you adopt him if you knew he was blind" like he should have just been discarded since he can't see. We get lots of comments at the beach to the tone of the glasses being ridiculous and I am always quick to explain that they are both Stylish and Functional since he is blind and they protect him against being poked in the eye and debris and sand getting in his eyes on windy days. Thank you so much for commenting.

Bertha said...

First girlfriend implies there are have some explaining to do Tonka.

Tonka said...

I was just trying to let everyone know that we have been together for a very long time. Almost 3 years to be exact and today is my birthday and I do believe you forgot it.